Rumor: US iPad WiFi pre-orders to start on Thursday



Ever since the iPad’s January 27th announcement, the big questions have been when Apple will actually start allowing customers to pre-order their new tablet, especially given a mid-to-late March launch.

We may now have our answer. According to a rumor on the AppAdvice, a reliable source is telling them that Apple will allow people to pre-order an iPad as soon as February 25th… in other words, this Thursday.

If Apple does start pre-orders on Thursday, we can probably expect the WiFi iPad to be sent out and sold live starting on March 26th, 2010. As 9to5Mac notes, Apple tends to sell new products on Fridays, and the 26th is approximately sixty days from the iPad’s announcement.

Of course, the iPad still hasn’t been approved by the FCC quite yet, so whether or not this rumor turns out to be true depends on whether or not we see the iPad bubble up in the FCC’s database before Thursday. Still, it feels about right: Apple needs to start pre-orders soon to make their March ship date, and since I’ll be on an international flight this Thursday, this historically lines up with my own admittedly anecdotal rule that Apple will always start selling or allowing pre-orders for new products I want to buy from them when I am physically, geographically or financially incapable of doing so.