Save 67% on Five-Star Productivity Pack featuring Evernote Premium, Dropbox Pro and more [Deals]


CoM_Five Star Productivity Pack

Time is money. There’s only so many hours in a day, so you need to work as efficiently as possible if you want to accomplish all your work and still have time for the things that really matter to you.

Increase your work efficiency and give yourself more time with The Five Star Productivity Pack, discounted by 71% for a limited time at Cult of Mac Deals.

The Five Star Productivity Pack contains tools that’ll make your life easier.  Included you will find 1 year subscriptions to four premium apps that will help you get your work accomplished and your life organized:  Evernote Premium, Pocket Premium, Wunderlist Pro, and LastPass Premium.  Also included in this versatile package is a 3 month subscription to DropBox Pro, plus you will get a free bonus with your purchase.

Evernote is widely considered the best app for note storing and organization. Why waste time searching for your information? With your 1 year subscription to Evernote Premium, all your notes, photos, PDFs, presentations, and more are easily accessible and can be shared among your colleagues. The interface is easy to understand, it’s compatible with many devices, and even features Work Chat to make you even more productive.

Ever found an awesome resource online and couldn’t find it again later? That’ll never happen again with 1 year of Pocket Premium at your disposal. Pocket Premium makes it super simple to find, rediscover, search, and save online content. It features a Permanent Library so you can save links after they’ve been removed and you can automatically sync across all of your devices.

Also included in this package are year long subscriptions to Wunderlist Pro, the ultimate to-do list, and LastPass Premium, which safeguards all your passwords in one place so you can stop wasting time trying to figure out passwords by trial and error.  Plus, to solve all your file management issues, is a 3 month subscription to DropBox Pro which includes 1TB of cloud storage that you can use to store all of your documents, music files, photos, videos, and more and then easily share with anyone you want.

When you purchase The Five Star Productivity Pack, you’ll have so much extra time on your hands you might not know what to do with yourself. That’s why, as a special bonus, you will also receive an 8 week subscription to the digital edition of the New York Times for free. With this subscription, you will have access to global and national news, gain exclusive access to videos, multimedia, blogs, and more.

Your time is limited. Make the most of what little you have with The Five Star Productivity Pack, a bargain at only $59.99, and available only for a limited time at Cult of Mac Deals.