This is how you’ll play puzzle games on Apple Watch


Are you ready to play games on your Apple Watch? Devs certainly hope so. Photo:
Are you ready to play games on your Apple Watch? Devs certainly hope so. Photo: NimbleBit

2014 was a landmark year for quality iOS games and, while we’re fully expecting to see more great titles for iPhone and iPad in 2015, it’s also clear that devs are keen to leap on the Apple Watch as soon as possible.

With that in mind, longtime iOS developers NimbleBit have announced that their upcoming word-game Letterpad will absolutely, 100 percent definitely, be coming to Apple Watch — and they’ve even released some mockups showing how it will look on Apple’s eagerly-anticipated wearable debut.

It’s doubtless going to be a bit of a challenge for games developers to translate the kind of titles they’re currently creating for iOS devices to the constrained screen real estate of an Apple Watch. With that said, games are going to be a draw for some customers — and quick and easy-to-play puzzle games certainly have a much better shot at pulling in gamers than, say, a First Person Shooter.

Offering 200 different puzzles, Letterpad is obviously hoping to set a precedent for fun Apple Watch games and, given NimbleBit’s history, we think they have a good shot at delivering on this dream.

Obviously there’s no confirmed release date yet, seeing as Apple hasn’t revealed when its Apple Watch will be made available for sale, but we expect to be whiling away the hours on Letterpad some time early this year.

One thing’s for sure: watch games have certainly come a long way from the ones I remember from my youth:

Via: Touch Arcade