Scanaflo brings hospital-quality urinalysis to your home


The Snanaflo lets you do at-home urinalysis test.  Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac
The Snanaflo lets you do at-home urinalysis test. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

LAS VEGAS — Taking a urine-analysis test to check your most vital and private health stats usually requires an hour-long visit to the doctor. But in 2015, you’ll be able to pee on a stick and get 12 vital health measurements without having to leave your bathroom.


Scandu, the Silicon Valley-based medtech company behind the tiny Scandu Scout analyzer, has created an at-home urinalysis device called the Scanaflo that bridges the gap between the medical community and consumers.

Scanaflo is a full-panel urinalysis test with 12 reagents that give home users quantifiable results without having to visit a doctor. It uses tiny sheets of chemicals on a disposable paddle to test for important vitals, like whether you have a urinary tract infection.

To use it, you simply pee on the paddle, then take a pic of the paddle. The Scanaflo app will tell you if your vitals are out of whack.

The Scanaflo app uses Scandu’s algorithms to give users immediate and actionable indications about their liver health, kidney disease, heart disease, diabetes, preeclampsia (protein), pH levels, dehydration and urinary tract infection. For now the company says it’s focusing on health stats, but it could provide pregnancy tests, drug tests or pretty much anything else you can identify via chemical indicators.

HealthKit integration is still being considered for the future so you can also see how your health stats affect your tests. There’s no word on pricing yet, but Scandu tells Cult of Mac each paddle will cost just a couple bucks each. You’ll be able to purchase them in small sets or in bulk when it launches later this year, pending Food and Drug Administration clearance.