Woz wishes us all a ‘mathematically sound’ New Year


Coming soon to a waxworks near you.
Woz wishes readers a happy New Year. Photo: Robert Scobble/Flickr CC
Photo: Robert Scoble

While most of us are still a day away from 2015, in New Zealand, New Year has already happened. Celebrating with an amusingly offbeat message, Steve Wozniak took to Facebook to engage in a bit of numerical fun for the year ahead.

Having turned 64 this year, 2014 has seen Woz on vintage form: from his controversially suggesting Apple should create an Android device, to penning an open letter to the FCC asking them to keep the Internet free, to raising eyebrows by dismissing the Apple Watch as a “luxury fitness band.”

With plans for a reality TV show and his heart set on becoming a fully-fledged Australian citizen, it seems 2015 is likely to be just as eventful.

Until then, you can check out Woz’s “unique” New Year’s message after the jump:

“Happy New Year from the New Zealand waters. May each of us find the things we need in life, and the things we enjoy, and good friendship in 2015.
2015 is mathematically sound. 20 is 4*5 and 15 is 3*5. 2015 is 5*13*31. 13 and 31 are reversed digit prime numbers. In binary 2015 is 11111011111, a palindrome. 2015 is also 3737 in base 8 (octal) and 37 is the most special number of all in my opinion. For one thing, it’s the best age. For another, it’s the first irregular prime number!
best to all,

Happy New Year to you too, Woz!