Granny misstakes piece of chocolate for an iPhone

Granny mistakes piece of Christmas chocolate for an iPhone



If you’re like me, you’ve probably had that experience of giving an older relative a gift of tech for the holidays, only for it to go unappreciated. In this absolutely priceless video, though, one family turns that situation on its head, tricking their very sweet grandmother into thinking she’s been given an iPhone she has absolutely no use for… until she discovers it’s made of chocolate!

I realize some people are going to find this video a little mean toward granny, but having watched it, I think it’s all in good fun. For one thing, she’s a great sport about it at all: Clearly she thinks this is a funny joke. Also, at least in my family, joke gifts are all part of the Christmas spirit.

What I really love about this video, though, is that it highlights a truth we gadget hounds often overlook: While we may live and breath tech, there are a lot of people who just don’t care about it, or find it daunting and confusing. For these people, an iPhone for Christmas is just overkill.

Via: Redmond Pie