Apple forces Nintype to drop one of the iOS keyboard’s signature features


Apple has asked this great iOS keyboard to pull one of its signature features. Photo: Nintype
Apple has asked this great iOS keyboard to pull one of its signature features. Photo: Nintype

With iOS 8, Apple has been showing a lot more indecision about what kind of app extensions, keyboards, and widgets are and aren’t allowed under the developer guidelines. This has caused even popular apps like PCalc and Drafts to have to scale back features, because they have inadvertently stepped over some invisible line in Apple’s mind about what a third-party app should be allowed to do.

Now, there’s another fatality of Apple’s weird App Store waffling. Jormy, the developer behind the popular (and absolutely insane) iOS 8 keyboard Nintype, has been informed by Apple that he needs to remove one of his app’s most useful functions in a future update.

One of Nintype’s many useful features is a built-in calculator, so if you’re typing to someone and need to make a quick calculation, you don’t have to quit out to a separate app. It was extremely useful, so of course, Apple wants it killed:

Which is, of course, ridiculous, and sounds very much like one of the many “unwritten rules” developers have been falling afoul of since iOS 8 was first released in September.

Nintype is a great app, and the built-in calculator is one of itss best features: here’s hoping that Apple changes their tune.

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73 responses to “Apple forces Nintype to drop one of the iOS keyboard’s signature features”

  1. lowtolerance says:

    I am so sick of Apple’s ridiculously arbitrary and poorly defined rules regarding extensions. So what if an extension does something unorthodox but totally benign?

    • Kr00 says:

      Feel free to join the android brigade, where the malware is free and your every move is tracked, at no extra cost!!

      • simulacraa says:

        I’ve had an Android phone for about 5 years and recently switched to iPhone. My whole family uses Android and none of us have ever had malware. As for the ‘tracking’ well that’s the price you pay for being able to use Google’s wonderful services (it’s called crowd sourcing). I still use Google Maps on iPhone since I think it’s way better than Apple Maps.

      • chasen54 says:

        Damnit, this is as misguided as “Apple Macs can’t get viruses…derrrr”. I love Apple, but damnit you are just carrying this idiots use Apple stereotype proudly.

      • vahdyx says:

        So Kr00 you’re clearly misinformed just like most people. If you download apps on the Google Play Store, you’ll likely never catch malware. There’s been reports of under 1% which is negligible. The 99% or whatever that was reported is true and only on Android yes, but that same percentage were on third party app stores or users “side loading” applications either via torrents, etc.

        The malicious apps that do end up on Google Play typically are removed before 100,000 users download it. Which yes 100,000 sounds like a lot, but there’s over 10 million users on Android, which counts for that low percentage.

        So long story short, your premise of making Malware a cause of concern on Android is less “dangerous” than it seems.

        I have no problem recommending Android to the users I support in my company and we have yet to see any malware issues on any of our property. We expense more iPhones naturally, but we have hundreds of Android users.

        That said I prefer using iPhone myself, but it has nothing to do with malware concerns

      • joames says:

        Sorr Kr00:

        A) Malware has nothing to do with the issue in question – preventing people from developing features had zero to do with security – are you a lemming?

        B) What kind of person allows Apple to decide for them what features are worthwhile and which ones are not? Surely for their own apps and features – but for 3rd parties.

        C) Suppose you own a business and want to distribute an app to your team: can’t do that – you’d have to put it into Apple’s store, live by their guidelines, and make it available to the world.

        D) You are a lemming.

      • JimD says:

        You know, there’s nothing funnier than a dumbf#ck like you who insults people for their supposed lack of knowledge, then shows a complete lack of knowledge in their reply—as you have with your response ( C ).

      • fring says:

        So use Enterprise Provisioning to distribute your company’s app.
        Lemmings assume memes are true but never fact check.

      • LordQuad says:

        Malware’s question wasn’t part of the article but IS part of the Play Store. 1% of a million is 10,000 apps with possible ‘threats’, not necessarily malware
        What kind of person allows ‘Name of company and data miner here’ to decide which features aren’t worthwhile? Period (I’m ambidextrous, own both Android and iOS)
        Your ‘C’ response is ignorant and silly. You’re obviously not a developer, nor knowledgable nor wise to how an ‘app’ is designed, distributed and ‘made available’ (or not) on ‘Apple’s store (App Store?), living by their guidelines ,,,& availing itself to the …WORLD?’ Lol, yep. Kinda like United’s pilots’ iPads used in the cockpit for checklists, flight magnagment, fuel calculations, up to date Jep charts, plates, real time traffic and weather and intercommunication between the ‘jet’ and ‘mama’ without need of human input.
        I’ll have to download that in Apple’s store. Be kinda fun to divert next time I’m supposed to go on a business trip but end up in Waikiki.
        D) calling someone a ‘lemming’ is again, ignorant and of no insult (in any part of the world I’ve visited) if, indeed, that was your stick to the eye. I’m not so sure it hurt anyone other than yourself & your credibility

      • LordQuad says:

        My point to the second paragraph and your attempt at slamming iOS users for trusting Apple with our information was truth
        My Androids, a dozen since ’08 are filled with OEM and carrier bloat. My ‘Nexus’ or Google edition Xoom, N 4&5, the two 7″ tabs …’vanilla’ Android if you will is ‘boring!’
        My ‘SPen’ is what makes my Note 4 a tool.
        My iPhone and iPads are extremely more useful, with an Eco system that aggregates BOTH my phone and tablets with my computers (OS X and Windows!)
        That’s not possible with Android, unless a Chromebook is your daily driver.

      • Kr00 says:

        I see you’ve found a new word, lemming. Good for you.

        You seem to have missed the point (why am I not surprised about that). Google don’t vet their apps and have allowed hundreds if not thousands of malware apps to enter the play store, and one of them was a keyboard, hence my point.

        You clealry only come here to bolster your deflated ego (get a therapist) and bash an alternative ecosystem that you clearly have no interest in, but stand up for a company that spams ads at you to make a buck, tracks what you do and where you go and allows malware on its store with no care for its customers. I think I know who the lemming is.

        Now back under the bridge you go.

  2. nappymah says:

    Why are you moaning about this? You’re apple fans, surely you’re used to being locked into an ecosystem that forces you all to have identical devices. Isn’t that what you all love?

  3. Jhabril_Harris says:

    Leave it to reddit, they’ll change their mind in a day.

  4. Skip F says:

    Apples 12 days of Xmass. 1. Price Fixing Apps 2. Censoring 3. Hiring slave labor, 4. stealing apps once they lock them out of the app store, 5. Stealing trademarks then just buying their way out of the law suites. 6. Hoarding money, 7. Not paying taxes by leaving Billions in cash offshore, 8. Locking out Apps they consider competition 9. Price Fixing Music 10. Not paying Share Holders 11. Creating Sub Quality Products and Software compared to years past. 12. No Innovation anymore.

    • Kr00 says:

      Hmmm, unlike that wonderful company called Samsung, who uses child labor, locks out government inspectors, denies Union represntation, falsifying sales figures, copies IP from everyone else, even its business partners, bribes judges and members of the Korean government, runs price fixing cartels on its components, sues anyone who challehges their theft of intellectual property and threatens journalists if they dare write about any of these issues. Yeah, that’s a far better choice of company, isn’t it.

      Or can choose Google, who tracks your every move and spam ads at you to make a living.

      Hard choice that one………….

    • Only the stupid and ignorant like your comment.

      1. That’s their business.

      2. They’re a private corporation, they have the full right. Do you want porn in the App Store? Then you’ll complain that Apple doesn’t care about the rights of children.

      3. So does every single major corporation.

      4. Examples?

      5. Lawsuits* – it looks like you can’t really recognize words that you’ve never read before

      6. So does every company.

      7. So does every major corporation.

      8. It’s their App Store, their rules.

      9. Due to the music industry corp. demands.

      10. No dividends? Pure lies:

      11. Hah. Android looks almost the same from 2010 and nobody bats an eye.

      12. They’re a tech company and they’re doing better than Metro UI which is supposed to be innovative somehow.

      • Scott says:

        4. Camera+ is the first one that comes to mind.

        12. You obviously haven’t used the range of devices which utilise the metro interface. It’s flawless across the board from computer to tablet to phone and even to Xbox everything is the same and where it should be, much like what apple is trying to do with Yosemite.

      • How the hell do you find Metro to be good? It looks like a car wreck.

      • texrat says:

        That sort of hyperbolic comment suggests you haven’t actually seen (much less used) it.

      • Actually I have Windows 8.1 as well and I dislike it. Go eat whatever Microcorp feeds you.

      • texrat says:

        Such anger and hypocrisy.

      • You wouldn’t know what emotions are if they hit you like a brick.

      • FootSoldier says:

        Maybe not a car wreck but it is horrible. Win 8.1 is my primary OS, and its horrible. Metro is horrible. Its app design concept is just absolutely lazy. Most of all Metro apps look exactly the same, sometimes with a big picture in the background, but always with a bunch of tiles that you slide across the screen. Metro store is a desolate waist land of apps. This may be why Microsoft is making a full about face with Windows 10. I like and respect Yosemite, because there being smart, and taking things slow by only merging the parts of IOS that makes since (No desktop IOS version).

      • FootSoldier says:

        No Bro. Win 8.1 is my primary OS, and its horrible. Metro is horrible. Its app design concept is just absolutely lazy. Most of all Metro apps look exactly the same, sometimes with a big picture in the background, but always with a bunch of tiles that you slide across the screen. Metro store is a desolate waist land of apps. This may be why Microsoft is making a full about face with Windows 10. I like and respect Yosemite, because there being smart, and taking things slow by only merging the parts of IOS that makes since (No desktop IOS version).

      • Skip F says:

        Apple is NOT private. Its a ShareHolder Public Corporation. They do not have the same rights AT ALL as a private Company. Public Corporations can not collude to with other corporations to fix/set, wages, prices, and sales of products. Its called Anti-Trust and CrApple has violated every one of them. Price fixing relates not only to prices, but also to other terms that affect prices to consumers, such as shipping fees, warranties, discount programs, or financing rates. Antitrust scrutiny may occur when competitors discuss the following topics:
        Present or future prices
        Pricing policies
        Terms or conditions of sale, including credit terms
        Identity of customers
        Allocation of customers or sales areas
        Production quotas
        R&D plans
        FUC# Apple

      • How about you stop using random capital letters because it makes you look like you either lack literacy skills or intelligence? Also it’s just a damn phone stupid…

      • joames says:

        Apple is a private company, but they are publicly listed.

        Private meaning ‘not government’ or ‘charity / non-profit’, i.e. they have shareholders.

      • joames says:

        “They’re a private corporation, they have the full right. ”

        Uh – lemming – they have the right to control what is in *their* app store – but only a lemming would give them the right to control what is on their own device.

        “they’re doing better than Metro UI”. Not really, they do effectively the same thing.

  5. Brian Voll says:

    I almost bought the keyboard for the calculator alone. Glad I stopped myself.

  6. cleesmith says:

    So far, all of these keyboards I’ve tried have been pretty meh

  7. Charismatron says:

    This story is getting quite tiresome, and I’ll just say what this article isn’t: Apple, get your shit together, ffs!
    That is all.

  8. ivan says:

    This is the design philosophy of apple what seems to be the problem ? I enjoy stability and simplicity so i have an iPhone. Other mobile platforms are available vote with your wallet. Stop trying to change the design philosophy of a company.

    • joames says:

      ” Stop trying to change the design philosophy of a company.”

      You’re a fool. It’s not the ‘design’ of the company – it’s a 3rd party all.


      What apple does re: making all functionality subject to their review may actually be illegal – it certainly is in some countries.

  9. chasen54 says:

    Apple, want to see Apple fans move to another platform? Yeah, this is how you do it.

  10. Megan says:

    yes lets all fight about which is better. There are these things called choices! I think the better question is why die hard android fans are trolling Apple sites.

  11. noisy says:

    Apple, the North Korea of the app market.

  12. forrie says:

    Apple is essentially demonstrating they feel threatened by innovation outside of their auspices; that they reserve the right to innovate, and you can’t. At least, in this instance. It sends a negative message; they may want to re-evaluate that. If you start pissing off your customers and app developers (which make the App Store rich with options), it may gain traction.

  13. RaptorOO7 says:

    As someone who is comfortable with just about any mainstream mobile or desktop OS I have say Apple is screwing their customers on this one. I have a new MBP Retina, iPhone 6+, iPad Air 2 and a Airport Extreme, some of my recent purchases with Apple in the last two months. I have used Macs and WIndows and Palm, Symbian, PocketPC, Smartphone, Win7. 8 et, etc, etc.

    Apple needs to clearly DEFINE what the rules are and not pull this shifting sand crap they so happily do. I have owned iOS and Android phones for years and NOT ONCE have I received a virus on either platform.

    What I do get sick and tired of is the bashing of anything non-Apple by Apple users. If you are happy with Apple screwing you then great, your happy. I use their platforms because I like them, but I don’t like the bull they keep pulling.

    Today an app is cool, an extension is fine, tomorrow it crosses some line that is arbitrary and unknown and the app is pulled or threatened to be pulled if its not fixed.

    For the prices they charge their users should be demanding more and should GET more.

    • FootSoldier says:

      I don’t usually know about any of this stuff until its announced on sites like this. And neither does any of my iPhone using friends. I think the only people upset about these policy changes are the geek community.

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