Microsoft’s incredible photo sharing app gains Apple TV support


Photo: Microsoft
Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft’s Xin is already one of the best ways to share photos between devices, even if you’re on Android or iPhone, but it’s getting even better today for iPhone users with a new update that adds Apple TV support, plus a ton of other set top boxes.

Chomecast, Fire TV, Xbox One and web browsers are all getting support for the simple photo sharing app meaning you can now toss pictures to pretty much any smartphone or TV screen in the world.

See how Xim works with Apple TV in the video below:

Xim’s unique feature is the app’s ability to provide a synchronous photo experience for multi-people, even if they’re not in the same room, or even the same state. Rather than using account names, Xim uses mobile phone numbers to establish identity, allowing you to chat with your friend three time zones away while showing them photos of your latest adventure.

The app is one of the most seamless photo sharing experiences you can get on every platform, and continues Microsoft’s streak of opening its incredible software to more platforms than Windows.

The free Xim 1.3 update will be available today on both the App StoreGoogle Play, and Windows Phone Store.

Source: Microsoft