Apple Store, Brooklyn

Brooklyn hipsters get an Apple Store to call their own


A CGI rendering showing how Apple's first Brooklyn store may well look when it opens in 2015. Photo: The Real Deal

Apple is set to open its seventh New York Apple Store, with its long-awaited first brick-and-mortar retail premises in Brooklyn. The store will be located at 247 Bedford Avenue, on the corner of North 3rd Street, according to The New York Post.

The Brooklyn store boasts an impressive 20,000-square-feet of space over two floors. Prior to opening, the building will be refurbished, with the highlights being dramatic arching windows which will keep the space airy and light. Work is set to be completed in April 2015.

The location of Apple’s first Brooklyn store has long been a subject of speculation among both Apple watchers and real estate agents. Given how much a successful Apple Store can add to the value of a property, it is little surprise that this would be an important factor.

Next year is set to be a big year for Apple Stores, both at home and abroad.

In Dubai, Apple will reportedly open its first official store in the Middle East with its largest retail outlet in the world, amid the futuristic skyscrapers of Dubai. Apple has also announced plans to open 25 new Apple Stores in China, while growing market India will reportedly get no official Apple Stores but 500 franchise model retail outlets.