Reviews of ridiculously large TV will have you laughing in 4K Ultra HD | Cult of Mac

Reviews of ridiculously large TV will have you laughing in 4K Ultra HD


Screen grab of Samsung UN105S9 Curved 105-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV: Amazon
An outrageously large price tag on Samsung's 105-inch TV brings out the best in reviewers. Photo: Amazon

If size does matter, being too big can get you laughed at, too.

Such is the case with Samsung’s 105-inch curved UHD TV. With a price tag approaching $120,000 — the cost of a few cars or a small house in most ZIP codes — the reviews on Amazon are pure comedy gold.

A visit to Amazon’s listing for the gigantic TV, which includes FREE Prime shipping, by the way — might leave you disappointed at first because the item is not in stock. But scroll through the reviews and you will find the many hilarious ways shoppers express sticker shock.

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From Demond on Oct. 4: “This TV is great! It looks so much like real life that I almost feel like I have one! Before I bought this I would sit at home all alone wiping my tears with $100 bills and leopard fur for hours on end. Now I can trick myself into thinking that the people on the screen are actually my friends. Thanks Samsung!”

Sean McCord “semi” wrote on Nov. 29: “Selling my house in order to buy this TV turned out not to be such a big deal. The picture is so realistic that I was able to step inside the TV and now I live in there like the Kardashians. The only problem is when some joker switches to Animal Planet and I have to flee leopards.”

And this from Dominic Broda on Nov. 24: “If you are an avid movie goer and love the big screen, stop wasting your money and bring the theater to your home! I mean, you’re talking at least $10 a ticket just to get in. And you go to the movies… what… 12,000 times a year? After one year, that is money in your pocket!”

The tongue-and-cheek response and the overall feeling that it is way too much TV for anyone should not comes as a surprise to Samsung. When it released an 85-inch model for around $40,000 in 2013, Amazon became a bulletin board for the sarcastic and incredulous.

Samsung did not immediately return an email with a request for comment.

But whatever a company rep could say, it likely would not be as funny as these:

Screen grab: Amazon
Screen grab: Amazon