Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs’ photographer shares the stories behind his most iconic images


Steve Jobs during the NeXT years.
Steve Jobs in Fremont, California, circa 1987. Photo: Doug Menuez
Photo: Doug Menuez

For almost a decade, between 1985 and 1994, award-winning documentary photographer Doug Menuez photographed Steve Jobs — focusing particularly on his work at NeXT, but also getting some fascinating snaps of what was happening at Apple at the time.

Menuez was recently interviewed by the BBC World Service about his time with Steve Jobs, with the photographer telling a few of the stories behind some of his iconic images. The resulting short video, which shows off a few of Menuez’s rarer images alongside his best known ones, can be seen after the jump.

For anyone who enjoys hearing stories about Steve Jobs (including how he wooed investor Ross Perot, and his dream that one day someone would use one of Jobs’ computers to cure cancer) it’s well worth checking out:

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Personally, I’ve always been a massive fan of Doug Menuez’s work. His recent Silicon Valley photography book Fearless Genius came be found at this link, while you can also take a look at the in-depth interview we ran with him earlier this year.