How to bring Kinect-like gesture control to your Apple TV


Kinect-like gesture control comes to the Apple TV. Photo: Onecue
Kinect-like gesture control comes to the Apple TV. Photo: Onecue

We know that Apple is interested in giving the Apple TV Kinect-like motion sensing abilities — they bought the 3D motion tracking company behind the tech last year, after all — but who knows when, if ever, it will actually come to living rooms.

If you want to start waving your way through your Apple TV’s interface now, though, meet the Onecue. It’s a cool little gadget that grafts Kinect-like functionality into your home entertainment system.

The Onecue is essentially a universal remote, but instead of living between the couch cushions, it sits on top of your TV, scanning the room for sound and movement. It works similarly to the way the Kinect acts as a universal remote for the Xbox One: it scans the rooms for humans, and when it finds one making a supported gesture (like to change the channel, navigate a menu, or raise the volume) it blasts the room with IR rays in all directions. But it also works with WiFi and Bluetooth,

It looks pretty cool. And, of course, the Onecue doesn’t just work with the Apple TV. You could also control your Philips Hue lighting system with it. The Onecue can be placed anywhere in your living room, although it also easily mounts to the top of your TV. It even has a little 3-inch LCD display that allows you to see at a glance what gadget you’re controlling with your frantic gesticulating.

Sure, Apple might eventually bake motion sensing technology into all their devices, but in the meantime, the Onecue can be ordered now for just $129.99. Given how easy it is to lose that Apple TV remote, why wait for Apple to make this happen themselves?

Source: The Onecue