5 most expensive Apple computers of all time



One of the first arguments that springs up in the many debates of Mac versus PC is cost. Traditionally, Apple computers come with premium price tags, which are almost always well-deserved. But there are a handful of Apple machines that were priced well above what you would normally expect to pay, even for Cupertino’s latest computer.

In today’s video, we take a look at the five most expensive Macs of all time — and tell you how much they would cost today with their price tags adjusted for inflation. You might think the new Retina 5K iMac is outrageously expensive, but compared to some of Apple’s older machines, it’s not that pricey.

Apple has never had the most economical options for computers, but it has come a long way toward being affordable to most consumers. Don’t believe me? Forbes compiled a list of the five most expensive Apple computers of all time.

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  • CuJo YYC

    I have a working Lisa and a near-mint TAM.

    I sold more than my share of Mac Portables appealing to my clients’ machismo – “It’s only 7 kilos (much light sounding than 16 lbs) and you only carry it from your car to the office, so …”

    I also sold quite a few Mac II fx’s as a lot of my client base were graphic artists.

    Never saw, touched or sold the Apple III so no one can blame me for that debacle.

  • David Salzberg

    the APPLE III and LISA were not Macs…

    • bradmacpro

      True, but the title clearly shows 5 most expensive Apple computers, so the Apple III and Lisa can be included.

      • David Salzberg

        I think they edited the title….it was 5 most expensive macs when I comments.

  • JacktheMac

    “Would you have paid those prices back in the day ?”

    I did dear reader, I did. But at the time the IIfx was scarily fast compared to the competition. For speedy reformatting of long or complex DTP documents nothing could touch it. It saved my company a lot more than we paid for it…

  • et3sw

    No way the Apple Portable was discontinued in 2001 like the video stated…. They were already selling iBooks by then

    • bradmacpro

      The original Apple Portable was discontinued on Feb 11, 1991 an the backlit version was discontinued on October 21 the same year. 15.8 pounds! At the time, Apple introduced the first PowerBook 100 which was just 5.1 pounds.

  • bradmacpro

    While the Lisa was expensive, the Apple AIX based Network Server 700/200 was sold for $19,000 in the range of Oct 16, ’96 to April 1, ’97 which should handily take top prize. That had a 200 MHz PPC 604e processor, so it was like a big Power Macintosh 8600/200. FYI, on a related aside, the fastest Pre-G3 processored Mac was the Power Macintosh 9600/350, which was also pretty pricey, at $5399.

  • bradmacpro

    Besides the $6995 original 300 dpi and 8ppm LaserWriter, the 20 ppm and 800 dpi LaserWriter Pro 810 was $4899 and they did have embedded computers, so I figure they should get honorable mention.