This Tinder clone keeps the creeps off your iPhone



If you’ve ever used Tinder, the swipe-to-reject dating app for iPhone, you know there can be a lot of a creeps on the service, especially if you’re a woman. The Grade is a new Tinder-like app that aims to change all that by booting the creeps off the service by examining their behavior in real time, and grading it.

Like Tinder, the Grade connects to Facebook and uses your profile pictures and interests to help hook you up with a theoretical match. The difference, though, is in the available pool: if you act like an asshole, algorithms will detect it and ban you below a certain margin.

Here’s how it works, according to The Grade:

Grades are based on entirely objective criteria and are determined by a sophisticated algorithm that analyzes user behavior based on three categories – popularity, responsiveness, and message quality. Users must maintain one of the passing dating “grades,” ranging from “A+” to “D,” while users who are undesirable or behave poorly will receive a failing “F” grade, and will be expelled from using the app.

The criteria of “popularity” seems a little weird, but that won’t be enough to flunk you outright. It sounds like you need to be a real dillhole to get that far… and if you do, there’s a way to appeal rejections.

Anyway, if you’re sick of the creeps, the jerks, and the dorks on Tinder, give the Grade a try. It’s a free download and available on iOS now.

Source: iTunes