This smart coffeemaker lets you brew cups of joe with your iPhone

This smart coffeemaker lets you brew cups of joe with your iPhone


Photo: Belkin

No pun intended, but coffee is hot stuff in Silicon Valley, where overworked engineers rely on cup after cup of the black stuff to keep them focused on building amazing products.

If you too are a bit of a tech-loving caffeine fiend, you may be interested in the new Mr. Coffee Smart Coffeemaker, a gorgeous new smart coffee-making device programmed and controlled remotely from your iPhone.

Using the dedicated iOS app, users can schedule up to a week’s worth of coffee brew times — meaning that your morning pot of joe can start being brewed while you’re still asleep, so that it’s all ready for sipping the moment you arrive in your kitchen.

That’s not all. The app also lets you set up reminders, check your machine has a full of water, and receive alerts whenever the water filter needs changing or the machine needs cleaning. Sadly, you’ll still need to do this manually, but at least it’s a start, right?

The Mr. Coffee Smart Coffeemaker heats water to 205º for an optimal flavor, while brew time amounts to less than eight minutes. The machine itself comprises a 10-cup, stainless steel thermal carafe.

Sure, it’s not the only iPhone contained drinks-maker we’ve seen, but at $149.99 it’s definitely among the more affordable ones.

Source: Belkin