New Apple rewards credit card will earn you free gift cards


Photo: Apple
Photo: Apple

Frequent Apple Store shoppers will love the company’s latest credit card partnership with Barclaycard and Visa. Like rewards cards from Amazon and others, you earn points when you spend that add up to free money.

“The Barclaycard Visa with Apple Rewards” card also offers special financing deals for new Apple product purchases.

You earn three points for every $1 spent in the Apple or iTunes Store, two points per $1 for restaurants, and one point per $1 spent anywhere else. 2,500 points equals a $25 Apple Store gift card. Barclaycard’s previous Apple Rewards credit card gave $25 in the form of an iTunes gift card.

Card holders also have access to three tiers of financing that max out at 18-month payments for purchases over $999.

The card itself has an embedded EMV chip for the latest “Chip & Pin” security that’s already been standardized in Europe. More card issuers are expected to rollout EMV chips stateside to replace traditional magnetic strips in 2015.

Since Barclaycard and Visa are both Apple Pay partners, the card should work with Apple Pay.

You can learn more and apply for a card here.

Via: AppleInsider