Last chance to enter to win an iPhone 6 [Deals]


CoM_Epic iPhone 6 Giveaway

Apple’s newest smartphone, the iPhone 6, is here.

You could get one for free by entering The Epic iPhone 6 Giveaway at Cult of Mac Deals.  But you had better hurry, because there is precious little time left to take advantage of this contest.

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The iPhone 6 is Apple’s newest smartphone technology which has been released in 2 versions. Each one is larger than any previous iPhone before it, with screen sizes that are 4.7” and 5.5” in diagonal length.

Entering The Epic iPhone 6 Giveaway is easy. Just register your email address at the Cult of Mac Deals page and enter. You can increase your chances of winning by earning additional entries when you share the contest on Facebook and Twitter!

Please remember to register with only one email address. Click here to read the full contest rules.

Don’t miss out on Apple’s newest smartphone technology. There’s only a little bit of time left to enter The Epic iPhone 6 Giveaway at Cult of Mac Deals. Enter today.

Bonus Deal: MIGHTY Speaker

Fun in the water and music seem like they should go hand in hand. In reality, though, electronic devices that play music don’t tend to react very well to getting wet, so we almost never take our music in the water, until now.

Introducing the MIGHTY Speaker. The MIGHTY Speaker is a water proof, sand proof, listening solution that pairs to your Bluetooth enabled device.

Take the MIGHTY anywhere: In the tub, pool, beach, or boat. It has built in floatation abilities so there’s no worry about losing it, and the handy suction cup secures the MIGHTY to almost any flat surface.

With a 6 hour playback time and speakerphone capabilities to take calls, you’ll wonder how you ever get along without the MIGHTY Speaker.

Pick up your MIGHTY Speaker today, more than half off at $35 for a limited time at Cult of Mac Deals.

Bonus Deal: The ZBoard Classic Back to the Future Hoverboard Edition

It’s nearly 2015 and we don’t yet have the flying cars and hovering skateboards that we were promised in the movie Back to the Future Part 2. Or do we?

Check out the ZBoard Classic. It’s a motorized skateboard that’s fashioned to look just like the Hoverboard from Back to the Future! It can travel at a rate of up to 17mph with a range of up to 5 miles on a single charge, making it an eco-friendly method of transportation.

The ZBoard Classic Hoverboard Edition even comes with a pair of Marty McFly Edition High Tops, so you’ll feel just like you’re in the movie!

The future is now with the ZBoard Classic Back to the Future Hoverboard Edition with Marty McFly High Tops, $700 with free shipping in the Continental USA at Cult of Mac Deals.