This Notification Center widget is like iStats Menu for your iPhone


Photo: Omnistat

On my aging 2009 iMac, one of my favorite apps is iStats Menu, which lets me see at a glance which of the various programs I have running has slowed my desktop down to a crawl. And I have to admit, it’s gotten me a little performance obsessed: I spend a bunch of time every day checking out iStats Menu, just to see if there’s something I can close to maybe drop CPU usage another half-a-percent.

Because of this, I’ve always sort of wished that there was a similar program for iPhones and iPads. And now there is.

Omnistat is a stat menu for Notification Center that allows you to see pretty much every metric of your iPhone’s performance with just a swipe from the top of your screen. It can show you your device’s name, model, OS version, Wi-Fi network, IP address, data usage, cellular IP address, device storage, RAM information, CPU usage, running processes, battery state, and estimated battery time remaining.

If that’s too much info for you, you don’t have to show all of this information. Like iStats Menu, Omnistat allows you to select only the metrics you care about for display. For example, you might not really care about your app’s running processes and CPU usage, because iOS does a really great job of automatically closing power hungry apps. But specs like how much cellular data you’re slurping up, or what your estimated battery life is, might be more useful to you to help you manage your device throughout the day.

Omnistat is available on the iOS App Store for just $1.99.

Source: Omnistat

Via: Lifehacker