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Gallery: The Faces of Macworld



SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD 2010 — Macworld 2010 is in full swing. Even without Apple, the show is packed and there’s a great vibe. The best thing is the people. Check out some of the many friendly faces on the show floor.

Above: These two Macnewbies are enjoying Macworld for the very first time. They’re impressed.

Shiny happy space person laughing and passing out flyers.

The fellows at Fastmac are wearing “Fully Charged” t-shirts. Abbi here is charged up about his company’s U-Socket, a Best-of-Show winner this year. It’s a pretty cool AC Receptacle with built-in USB power ports.

Always nice to run into veteran user-group guru Raines Cohen, a Mac legend in his own time. He hurt his foot so he was rolling around the show floor in a wheelchair.

M-I-C    K-E-Y. These friendly mice Juicy Development were showing off their FastTrack, an iPhone application for planning trips to Disneyland.

This friendly guy has a great head of hair!

These ladies are enjoying some free cream concoction that I missed out on. Damn!

Pretty people from Monster.

These girls are very creative.  They are promoting a free app called Cabulous (find cabs in your area) while riding around in a cab. Loves it!

I thought this guy didn’t notice me but he slipped me the sign at the last minute!

Cool iPhone cases that can be drawn on with markers and pens.

This speaker-less, helmet headphone is a cool idea for  cyclists. Notice there are no pesky earbuds. Unfortunately, it wasn’t working. I must go back tomorrow and see if it worked.