Avoid the snooze button with Withings’ Aura smart sleep system


  • Rene Stein

    If the sleep cycle app could connect to the Phillips Hue lighting system, you could get the same thing. I think that would be a genius thing that would be way more flexible.

    • Jon LeJeune

      It does. Just go to the settings section and choose advanced. From there you can select phillips hue.

      • Rene Stein

        Thanks! That really does make the $299.95 price ridiculous, since you can get the Hue system for $200 and the app for a couple bucks.

      • Yoann

        Yes but what you forget is that the Aura sensor and the algorithm associated to it is way more complex than the sleep cycle app solely based on your movements and not your heart rate and breathing rate. $200 for just light and an “not-that-smart” app seems pretty expensive for me, especially when it can affect one of the most important thing to keep you healthy: your sleep.

      • Rene Stein

        The extra $100 for this is really just for marginal returns. The Hue lighting system is for a multi purpose lighting system that can be used for other functions, not just sleep. Most people won’t need such intelligent monitoring of their sleep cycle, I’ve used the sleep cycle app and it works well for me. You don’t need to have the most precise data, you need to have data that works, and the data that my iPhone gathers with the sleep cycle app works. This is most likely overkill.

  • TomInTheDesert

    $299.95?!? Set your iPhone alarm clock to wake you up with “chimes” for free.

    • DigitalBeach

      That’s exactly what I use!

      • TomInTheDesert

        Allow me to say you have excellent taste.

  • skent

    That light is so ugly.

  • Mark Allred

    Crappy product. I bought it and it never worked right. Try returning it! They take forever to return your money. Must have sat in their warehouse for 2 weeks before the processed my refund and then it took over a week for me to see the refund. Avoid them at all cost. The product was released way before it was complete.