Apple Watch UI comes to jailbroken iPhones


Apple Watch UI comes to the iPhone. GIF: Lucas Menge.
Apple Watch UI comes to the iPhone. GIF: Lucas Menge

iPhone owners who can’t wait for the Apple Watch can now change their home screens to a fresh interface inspired by Apple’s wearable UI, thanks to a hack for jailbroken devices.

This new tweak replaces the existing iOS look and feel — which has remained conceptually unchanged since the debut of the iPhone back in 2007 — with circular, bubble-looking icons that users can zoom in and out of to find their apps easier.

While the mod started out as nothing more than a concept, another developer has taken the idea and run with it, constructing a tweak called WatchSpring that replaces a jailbroken iOS 8 device’s SpringBoard with a working Apple Watch-style home screen.

Here’s how you get hold of it.

First you’ll need to have a jailbroken iOS 8 device. After that, you must manually install the tweak, following the developer’s instructions on Reddit. It’s also possible to get hold of the tweak’s source code from Bitbucket.

A video showing the tweak in all its Apple Watch-inspired glory can be seen below:

Via: App Advice