Listen to your music without skimping on quality with The Bluetooth Shower Speaker [Deals]



For those that like listening to their music while getting ready for the day but have to go without while in the shower, read on.

Introducing The Bluetooth Shower Speaker. All you need is a Bluetooth enabled audio device and you are good to go. The Bluetooth Shower Speaker is 60% off for a limited time at Cult of Mac Deals.

The Bluetooth Shower Speaker takes singing in the shower to the next level. It is water-resistant with an IPx4 rating and features a handy suction cup that allows you to secure it safely to the shower wall. Its user friendly design lets you control it easily with play/pause and forward and rewind buttons.

You can also rest assured that your connected audio device will stay bone dry as the crystal clear signal can travel from up to 10 meters away. Plus, you can use The Bluetooth Shower Speaker in more places than just the shower or tub. Take it with you to the pool or to the beach and solve all of your music listening needs.

The Bluetooth Shower Speaker also makes it easy to take incoming calls from your iPhone. It has a built in microphone and is compatible with Siri, making running from the shower to take important calls a thing of the past. With The Bluetooth Shower Speaker, you’re phone will always be at arm’s reach even when it’s a safe distance away.

With a playback time of up to 6 hours on its built in rechargeable battery, The Bluetooth Shower Speaker will give you all the crisp, high quality sounding tunes you can endure. You’ll turn to a prune before this speaker gives out.

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Listen to crisp and clear tunes in the shower with The Bluetooth Shower Speaker, 60% off for a limited time, just $39 with free shipping, at Cult of Mac Deals.