Amazon Rewards credit card now supports Apple Pay


Amazon Rewards Visa in Passbook. Screenshot: Alex Heath/ Cult of Mac
Amazon Rewards Visa in Passbook. Screenshot: Alex Heath/Cult of Mac

Amazon added Apple Pay support today for its Rewards Visa.

Since Chase, the Amazon rewards card issuer, was an Apple Pay launch partner, some speculated that Amazon intentionally opted out of Apple’s mobile payments system. But Amazon quickly confirmed this week that it was working on adding support for its credit card in the near future. Now it’s followed through.

When adding an Amazon Rewards card in Apple Pay, an additional confirmation code is required to validate the card with Chase. The code can be sent via email, text message or phone call and added in Passbook’s Apple Pay settings.

Yesterday, Visa published a list of regional U.S. banks and credit unions that will get Apple Pay support in the coming weeks, and MasterCard’s Nearby app is a great tool for finding NFC terminals that support the service.

Apple has a helpful breakdown of which financial institutions support Apple Pay for specific kinds of cards. The most notable exemption from Apple Pay is support for corporate credit cards and loyalty cards for merchants. Apple is rumored to announce an Apple Pay rewards platform in time for the holidays.