Study: iPhone Owners Quickly Bored By Apps



iPhone users quickly tire of applications, according to a new study. The number of iPhone owners that use an app at least once a week fell from 40 percent after the first month to 5 percent by the sixth month, researchers said.

The study by Flurry Analytics also found the rate of user retention nearly identical for both Apple’s iPhone and phones running Google’s Android software. “We believe underlying reasons include the fact that Android handsets are capturing a more mainstream audience similar to the iPhone and that Android handsets have improved relative to the iPhone handset,” the analytics firm said.

Social networking is among the most popular categories of apps. Owners of Apple’s iPhone used social networking apps slightly under 20 times a month while “lifestyle” apps were used less than 5 times a month, according to Flurry.

The researchers conclude there is now little difference between the iPhone and Android in terms of the platform. “Just like the brand of flat screen T.V. doesn’t affect how much one enjoys a movie she is watching, the new class of touch screen smartphones doesn’t impact how well the user enjoys a game, social networking or other kind of application.”

[Via Business Insider and Flurry]