What if Apple’s next router was also a smoke alarm?


Photo: Curved Labs
Photo: Curved Labs

Now that Marc Newson is one of Apple’s design bigwigs, the guys at Curved Labs wondered what sort of new products might result from the collaboration.

Their concept? An updated AirPort WiFi router that is also a smart smoke and CO2 detector, a la Nest Protect.

Leaving aside the fact that you’d either need to have a CAT-5 Ethernet cable snaking up from your modem to your ceiling, or extensively rewire your house, we sort of love it. Router’s are necessary in today’s homes, but they pretty much just sit there once set up, just like smoke and CO2 alarms. This is a great way to converge two different devices, and it looks smarter than the gross beige and yellow boxes we hang from our ceiling anyway.

Curved’s design is a little overdone — neither Newson nor Apple would ever release an object with a display this busy, and it’s not clear to me why a thermostat needs to have a built-in display anyway — but this is a smart home product I’d actually buy. What about you?

Source: Curved.de