Apple Store Opening in Belfast: What’s the Skull/Bones TShirt? UPDATE: It’s a Protest!



UPDATE: The t-shirts are a protest from Murderdrome, the digital comic Apple banned from the iPhone App Store. As reader Alan notes in the comments, the t-shirts were handed out as protest by, the Northern Irish outfit behind the banned Murderdrome digital comic.

What is this t-shirt everyone is wearing at the grand opening of Apple’s first store in Northern Ireland?

Watch this BBC News report from the grand opening of the new store in Belfast this weekend. (“It’s absolutely mental,” says the delighted Apple fan above).

The overnight camping, high-fives and excited whooping are very much a part of grand openings in the U.S., but oddly, there’s one weird difference: Few people are wearing Apple shirts. Instead, half the crowd seems to wearing the same skull and bones shirt in either red or black.

Anyone recognize it?

24 responses to “Apple Store Opening in Belfast: What’s the Skull/Bones TShirt? UPDATE: It’s a Protest!”

  1. jarredt says:

    All I know is that Friday was International Talk Like a Pirate Day…

  2. James says:

    We don’t whoop because it’s only a shop selling expensive stuff we can get cheaper on eBay.

  3. DogThreeZero says:

    Those are Infurious tshirts. You *may* remember the name Infurious as the group behind the ill-fated MurderDrome comic that was rejected by the AppStore recently. The Infurious guys were at the head of the queue giving out tshirts.

  4. teeandtoast says:

    i want to know too – it’s better than the tee mac gave out!

  5. TD says:

    Gotta be better. Talk about hijacking the whoopfestival!

  6. judacris says:

    DogThreeZero has the answer. Nice shirts.

  7. Apple says:

    Nice post, I seen that T-shirt in london.

  8. mj says:

    Not so much a protest as awareness. Now- go on, look at EyeCandy!

  9. muze says:

    I personally think that T-shirt looks better than the Apple one :) where do I get one ?

  10. DavidK says:

    I got one for my dog!

  11. Belfast park and fly says:

    It looks fun. Apple shouldn’t ban it.