Hilarious song pays homage to Apple’s ‘Chairman Honeycrisp’


Life is good for Tim Cook in 2015. Photo: Apple
Tim Cook Chairman Honeycrisp took to the stage at yesterday's Apple keynote. Photo: Apple

Tim Cook sure is picking up a lot of nicknames as of late. At the iPhone 6 keynote he was dubbed the “Zen Master of hardware and software” by U2’s Bono, and at yesterday’s iPad event he was given the codename “Chairman Honeycrisp” as part of the entertaining Stephen Colbert secrecy skit.

Taking the latter nickname as his inspiration, YouTube’s resident Apple songsmith Jonathan Mann (whose work we profiled earlier this week) put together his customary post-keynote song, highlighting the October 16 Apple media event.

The result may not quite hit the highs of Mann’s superb WWDC tribute (a song that is still stuck in my head months later), but it’s worth a watch for the repeating “Intergalactic Chancellor Chairman Honeycrisp” chorus alone.

Check out the video after the jump:

If you missed yesterday’s event and therefore have no idea what Mann is singing about check out Apple’s keynote video here and skip to around the 30 minute mark to see “Chief Secrecy Officer” Stephen Colbert and Craig Federighi wax lyrical about Apple’s security.

At an event at which brand new 5K Retina iMacs were announced, this somehow still managed to be the highlight.