Apple leaks new iPad details in iOS 8.1 user guide


This will probably be what the iPad Air 2 looks like.
This will probably be what the iPad Air 2 looks like.

Apple’s unveiling of its new iPad lineup is set to take place in less than 24 hours, but someone at Apple HQ just accidentally leaked some of the biggest details, including the names of Apple’s newest tablets.

Apple updated its iOS 8 user guide this morning with photos for the new ‘iPad Air 2’ and ‘iPad mini 3.’ The actual iBook contains no information about the new devices, but preview images for the iPad User Guide For iOS 8 on contains references to the addition of Touch ID and a Burst Mode for the Camera.


It appears that Apple will bring a numbering scheme back to iPad names, after ditching the process last year with the release of the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display.

Other new features on the iPad Air 2 are expected to include an A8X processor with 2GB of RAM, Apple Pay, improved camera, anti-reflection coating, and a slightly thinner design. Full details of the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 will be revealed tomorrow at a press event on Apple’s campus in Cupertino at 10AM PT.


Source: iTunes

  • wakeupmymac

    no mention of a mute switch/rotation lock….

    • FlavoredAir

      Bottom-left iPad Mini image – “Side Switch” is pointed out there.

      • wakeupmymac

        My eyesight is failing, good to see its not going!!

  • 240 fps on the camera? Super slow mo?

    • Let’s just hope that this ultra useful feature for a tablet is included on the next iPad.

    • People take pictures with iPads?

      • josephz2va

        Some do. I found it very annoying myself to even try to hold the iPad up and take a photo shot. Especially with it’s poor camera on the iPad 2.

  • Yoyoman