What if the new iPads were as pretty as the iPhone 6?


Photo: Martin Hajek
Photo: Martin Hajek

When the next generation iPads are unveiled this Thursday, we’re expecting a thinner form factor, recessed volume buttons, refined speaker grills, gold color option and, of course, Touch ID.

But what if Apple went ahead and rethought the devices’ design language so as to match up with the stunning appearance of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus?

That’s the idea behind some beautiful new 3D renderings from one of our favorite concept designers Martin Hajek, who previously imagined what it might look like if the iPad was also struck with a case of Bendgate.

Check them out after the jump.

The new-look iPads certainly look attractive, although Hajek also chose to adopt some of the criticized “flaws” of the iPhone 6 design — including the protruding camera lens and antenna bands.

It seems he’s not too sure about this decision, either, because as he notes, “Not sure if I would like this [myself since] the plastic bands on the iPhone 6 just feel … well…too plastic-ey to me.”

You can draw your own conclusions: