Apple TV + Philips? The first HDTV with built-in iTunes and AirPlay has been announced


The next version of Apple TV may allow you to take your viewing with you wherever you go. Photo: Apple
Photo: Apple

Update: False alarm. As we suggested was a possibility, Philips was misunderstood by a reporter. They are actually just bundling Apple TV’s with new televisions, not building in the hardware.

We don’t know exactly what Apple plans on announcing next Thursday, but one thing’s for sure: It’s not just new iPads.

The tagline for the event — “It’s been far too long” — implies that we’re about to see a new version of a product that hasn’t been updated for a while.

One strong candidate is the Apple TV. But if a (possibly premature) announcement by consumer electronics company Philips is anything to go by, Apple might not just be giving the Apple TV a spec bump. Cupertino might announce instead that it will be integrating Apple TV hardware into third-party television sets!

In a strange announcement out of India, Philips has announced that it will be selling a “new range of televisions that come bundled with Apple TV features” in time for the holidays.

The Hindu Business Line claims that these televisions would come with iTunes installed, as well as AirPlay and Screen Mirroring, allowing you to stream content from your iPhone or iPad directly to your TV. To me, this sounds like a Philips TV with an Apple TV baked inside.

Obviously, there’s no word if this Philips/Apple TV hybrid is coming to the States, or when it would be here if it does. According to Philips, the Philips/Apple TV would be “available for sale in select electronic stores and e-commerce portals and would be for limited period,” but they’re probably talking about India.

It’s possible that Apple has teamed up with Philips to help the Apple TV get a leg up in the Indian market.

Equally possible? That some Philips representative misspoke, or a Hindu Business Line reporter misheard.

To me, though, this implies that Apple could announce a number of Apple TV hardware partners next week.

After all, it’s been a long time since Apple partnered with another company to release a co-branded device. The last time I know of was the iPod+HP, which was released back in 2004.

Could that be what Apple means when it says it’s been “far too long?”

Source: Hindu Business Line

Via: Hugo Kessler

  • Aside from the HP iPod, the other co-branded device (sort of) was the Motorola Rokr. We all know what happened with both of these co-branding attempts. They totally crashed and burned. The reason was because the companies that Apple partnered with just didn’t understand how to create great products and great ecosystems around those products. If Apple is going to partner with Philips, I hope they exert tight control over the user experience, and not allow Philips to cheapen the final product.

    • Maybe a great way for apple folks to refine their strategy on “go to market for Display’s”. Apple surely will build one.

  • We have built our own airplay technology supporting all OS and Mobile Devices. SO i have some experience about what i am talking. What i feel is if this is true it is super cool and apple is opening Airplay in their MFI Program. they currently do support audio in their program.

  • josephz2va

    I don’t see Phillips partnering with Apple for a combo TV anyways. Many of our TV partners have sided with Google.

  • John

    Partnership with Philips would be a no brainer… Apple Tv + Apple iPhone + Philips TV set + Philips Hue… Starts to sound like a complete home automation kit.

  • Christian Stœr Andersen

    Please let it be a 17″ macbook pro