Full iPad Air 2 details allegedly leak ahead of big reveal



The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were unleashed on the world just two weeks ago, but Apple is already getting prepared to announce a handful of new products, including an updated iPad Air that will be the thinnest tablet Apple’s ever created.

As next week’s iPad Air event looms on the horizon, the Michael Report claims to have received pictures and illustrations of the new iPads, and have released a full report of the upcoming changes that may include an A8 processor with 2GB of RAM, thinner body, and some small design tweaks.

“Two researchers working for The Michael Report have obtained pictures and illustrations of the new iPads from sources within Apple, and have been able to independently verify both the design and the specifications to be true… Although there are lots of minor design changes, it’s not going to look like it at the first glance. Based on what we’ve seen, the form function of the iPad Air 2 is identical to the current iPad Air’s”

So what’s going to be new on the iPad Air? Design-wise, not too much will reportedly change. The bezels will be the same thickness, the volume buttons are slightly more recessed. The microphone will be moved from the top, to the back next to the rear camera, and there will also be a gold option.

While Apple’s advertising the iPhone 6 as HUGE, the iPad Air 2 will supposedly be touted as one of the thinnest tablets on the market. A new fully-laminated Retina display will allow Apple to shave 0.5mm from its design , but Michael Andrew reports it will lose its Mute/Vibration switch so it can get super-skinny.

Many of the details in Andrew’s report have been echoed earlier in the year by the rumor mill, though this is the first we’ve heard that Apple will ditch the mute switch. There’s also an interesting claim that Apple equip the A8 processor with 2GB of RAM for the iPad Air 2, instead of just the 1GB included with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Other upgrades will allegedly include a new 8MP rear-camera, HD FaceTime camera, and Apple Pay. Apple is expected to announce the new tablets at an event on October 16th, with a launch following shortly after.

Source: The Michael Report

  • freemdoom

    “Mute/Vibration switch?” I think you mean rotation. The iPad doesn’t vibrate.

    • TheMadTurtle

      LOL. Yeah, I totally missed that. I just read it as “the switch that nobody uses”.

      • Peter Acevedo

        I use it a lot for reading, I’ll miss it. Maybe I belong to that 1% who use it.

  • tHoj101

    Apple pay on an iPad? Who’s going to tap their tablet to an NFC payment checkout. Weird.

    • The same people we were told would never be caught dead using it as a camera!

      • Wildcat1

        That is very true !

    • Hildebrand

      Apple Pay works offline as well as online (“PayPal”). This would confirm a fingerprint sensor as well.

    • 31arq

      Apple Pay on iPad would probably be used as the point-of-sale device, replacing cash registers and third party NFC terminals.

      • Charilaos Mulder

        I suppose Touch ID will be more of a unique selling point. And the A8 chip might increase battery life for the first time beyond 10 hours.

    • Prof. Peabody

      I’m sure there are literally tens of thousands of folks out there like me, who would rather have an Watch connected to ApplePay on their iPad and not have to carry a stupid iPhone at all. Let’s hope that’s the reason.

  • Joe

    Great! But will it bend?

    • Deathdearth

      It got old weeks ago

    • Superalias

      Not on your life, my Hindu friend.

  • MaskedRacerX

    I’d still like to see a [camera] flash. I know the iPad is kind of secondary to the iPhone as a camera, but If they’re going to have one and continuously update it, why not add a substantial improvement that adds very little cost or weight.

    Also hoping we see the purported “split screen” modes (which would be very RAM intensive, so hoping that 2GB rumor is true).

  • TheMadTurtle

    “…and Apple Pay”. Oh good heavens, really? Isn’t it bad enough when people take pictures with their iPads?

    • Charilaos Mulder

      Using a computer looked weird in 1980. Now it doesn’t. Why compromise people on their creative ability by not allowing the iPad to take pictures? It’s great to be able to pay with the iPad when your iPhone is out of juice, but the real benefit is of course in online payments (if you paid attention to the keynote you’d know Apple Pay can be used online and even from within apps, which quite some developers are implementing already).

      • TheMadTurtle

        I’m interested. What advantage is there to use Apple Pay in lieu of simply using a credit card or PayPal on my iPad? Make me a believer.

      • JFX


    • Prof. Peabody

      I find these kinds of comments really offensive. The iPad and the iPad min are simply excellent cameras and I’m not going to stop using them just because some childish bullies on the Internet think it looks silly.

      • TheMadTurtle

        You’re too easily offended.

  • TJ

    I’ve been using an iPad Air for almost a year now and never once has it hiccuped like it needed more RAM. I’d be shocked if it came with more RAM considering even the iPhone 6+ didn’t. iOS is just very memory efficient.

    • John O’Brien

      It refreshes safari tabs fairly often. Extra ram would be very welcome.

    • Pablito L’amore

      Safari crashes daily on my 128gig iPad Air, so do a few other apps. iOS8 is an utter joke on it, 4-5 times a day blue screen of death and restarts, since going back to iOS7 not one BSD/Restart… more ram yes please.

      • JFX

        Can you believe that it also happens to my 32Gb iPad Mini?

        man… we are talking about Ram.

  • Name

    so if we put it against a curb and jump on it will it bend??

  • Touch ID?

  • Mystakill

    Enough with striving for super-thinness. I’d rather it stay the same thickness and get extra battery life in the process. Also, I use the mute switch all the time, which is much faster than having to hold the volume down button.

    If this is being released this year, then the timing blows. With cell phone companies now forcing users to either pay full price for phones, or increasing the cost of their data plans, money’s going to be tighter for many people between now and the holidays. They should keep iPad releases to the spring timeframe to help spread these costs out.

    • ophmarketing

      iPads haven’t been released in the spring for three years.

  • Prof. Peabody

    Wow. It sounds like the iPad line is going to be a cross between totally ruined (removing the lock rotation switch?), and completely boring (the same design as last year).

    More evidence of Apple losing it’s mojo if true.

  • Thing

    Guys, there’s no way there’s gonna be NFC in this thing. Passbook is iPhone-exclusive. There might be the online app-based version, but they can’t expect us to pull out iPad out and try and wave it. Plus, the would have to implement Touch ID.

  • Superalias

    ”Based on what we’ve seen, the form function of the iPad Air 2…”

    “Form function”? That’s like “form factor” but even dumber.

    Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see whether the quoted source gets any specifics correct, besides the obvious “thinner”. Loss of the rotation lock is an interesting prediction. (No big surprise if it disappears; not much need for a physical switch.)

  • I always kept that switch set to rotation lock, so I could keep it from rotating when I didn’t want to. I hope they don’t remove it.

  • mythofechelon

    Hopefully, they’ll revert their decision to lower the display build quality on the iPad Air. It feels plasticky and you can see that it’s receded into the body compared to previous versions.

  • lucascott

    Never heard of this source. Makes me wonder if someone is just trying to get attention

  • Tyrelle Apuusa

    They’re shaving a whole 0.5 MM of it’s thickness, that’s nineteen one thousandths of an inch (.019 of an inch). Can a human even distinguish a measurement that small? No. Utterly pointless.

  • Johnny

    The rotation switch is invaluable. Big mistake to lose IMO.

  • DarkHuntress

    This sounds great and all but not enough there to make me fork over more money for a new ipad. Got to have more than that.

  • sflomenb

    Question: would both the mute and orientation lock buttons be in Control Center then?