“Bumping” Contact Details Via iPhone Is Popular at Macworld


Liana Lehua of the Fittorrent website "bumping" her contact details at Macworld.

SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD 2010 — Years ago at Palm conferences everyone used to get out their Palm Pilots and beam contact information at each other via infrared.

The tradition is alive and well at Macworld, except people are using the popular Bump iPhone app. The free app transfers contact info wirelessly via Wi-Fi or 3G when two iPhones are bumped together.

Wandering the show floor, you can see people bumping their iPhones together. I saw one group of about six people standing in a circle bumping each other.

“I made them all do it,” explained Liana Lehua of the Fittorrent website, nodding at the rest of the group. “I don’t carry business cards, so everyone downloaded the app.”