Apple Pay might launch on October 20th with iOS 8.1



Apple’s first major iOS 8 seeded to developers this week contained clues that Apple Pay is nearly ready for launch, and according to a report from Bank Innovation, we won’t have to wait much longer to replace our wallets with the new mobile payments solution.

The finishing touches are still being made to the security features in Apple Pay, but the report claims that the official release is tentatively scheduled for the third monday of October.

“Based on multiple sources close to Apple, Bank Innovation has learned that iOS 8.1 will include Apple Pay, and the current expected timetable for the public release is schedule for October 20.”

iOS 8.1 beta 1 contained Apple Pay settings as well as the reveal that the payment service could also come to the iPad, only it would be used to purchased physical items online, but won’t include an NFC option to use at brick and mortar stores.

Apple Pay promises to change the way users pay for items by using contactless payment technology built into the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. Rather than abolishing credit card companies completely though, Apple Pay replaces them with generic versions in Passbook, with the important financial info stored in a secure enclave.

Apple’s internal launch date for Apple Pay has supposedly ranged between late-September and early-November, but Apple is taking its time to make sure the software is ready at launch.

Source: BankInnovation

  • jck2010

    The heck with new features. How about fixing iOS 8 first before they offer us new broken features? My Bluetooth won’t work in my car, on my pebble watch or on my plantronics ear piece. It is not safe to be driving while holding a phone. My wifi is also slow. I love apple but this is ridiculous. Apple tells me I am the only one complaining about Bluetooth. Their only solution is to set the phone up as new. Yeah right! How do you get a broken Bluetooth in your software?

    • xjjuno

      I had bluetooth issue with my iPhone 6 and went to genius to fix it. The only way to fix is that they have to refresh the iOS 8 ground up. It all seem to work that day but the bluetooth wasn’t working again next day!! So I went to Apple store again. While I was at Apple store, the lady next to me had same issue as I was but the guy next to her never had any issues. So I told the genius that if this is software issue then we all have to have same bluetooth pairing issue and it’s not so it has to be hardware issue. I told the genius that since there is no guarantee that the issue won’t occur again, I’d like to swap the phone and he did. It went all good after that until I updated to iOS 8.0.2. The same issue occurred once again and the way to fix is that reset all setting and it works like charm even though it’s pain in the axx to set settings to what I prefer. Apple should fix this bug soon cause I’m running out of patience!!

      • Jason Edwards

        iOS 8.1 fixes the bluetooth issue. At least that is what I am reading from people using the beta.

  • yankeesusa

    I no longer use an iphone but apple pay is the best thing that could happen to nfc payments. I have been paying with tap and pay for the past 3 years but ever since the rumor apple was doing nfc payments many new stores are doing tap and pay now and more to come. Home depot,petco and office depot now have it and hopefully target will also have it soon. Thank you apple pay. If they offer bonuses to use apple pay I will have my wife use an iphone again.