People are bending iPhone 6 Plus display units in Apple Stores


Bending an iPhone 6 Plus at the Apple Store is a stupid idea. Screenshot: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac
Bending an iPhone 6 Plus at the Apple Store is a stupid idea. Screenshot: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Apple insists “bendgate” isn’t an issue after receiving just 9 complaints about bent iPhones as of last week, and the vast majority seem to agree. But will the Cupertino company think differently when it discovers that people are walking into its retail stores and bending the iPhone 6 Plus units it has on display?

That’s exactly what happened in one U.K. Apple Store when two teenage boys decided to put the 6 Plus’ durability to the test after being told by an Apple specialist that the bending issue was just “an online rumor.” The five-minute clip below shows that they were able to bend the device using enough force, causing its display to pop out of its chassis several times.

It goes without saying that bending iPhone display units in Apple retail stores is an incredibly stupid idea, and those who attempt it will be made to pay for any damage they cause if they are caught.

If you’re concerned about durability, speak to Apple about it before buying your new iPhone, and ensure your warranty covers any bending if you’re one of the unlucky few who encounters these issues.

Please don’t bend display units just for YouTube views because you think it’s “quite funny.” The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are made of aluminum, and they’re bound to bend under enough force — like most things made of metal. That doesn’t mean it’s okay to bend them, especially if they’re not yours.

Not only were the boys in this video silly enough to do this, but they also showed their faces and gave their names at the beginning of the clip. It surely won’t take too long for them to be identified if Apple decides to get the police involved, then.

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  • The Graz

    Stupid kids trying to provide “information.” Pay attention in science class. And if you wanna bend it on the first try, start hitting the gym.

    • csman

      Do you even lift? LOL

    • Guestf

      LoL. Try bending a motox!

  • Mike
    • Mitchell Saunders

      Someone please send this to the police or the Apple Store where it was bent

  • DGM

    Stupid is as stupid does…

    • truthful

      Good for them. Everyone is denying the 6 bends. Yet children can muster enough force to bend these pieces of shit.

      • No one is denying that they bend, its all about how EASY they are to bend. Everything can bend giving the right amount of force, according to your logic everything is a “pieces of sh$t”.

      • eddie

        to be fair, plenty of people were saying how it would take an insane amount of force to bend these things, and how the youtube reviewer faked the bend, etc. So these kids did show that to be false. And the evidence shows that other phones are more resistant to the bending issue. There is even one reviewer who had his phone bend by charging it overnight and leaning it against the wall. Weird.

      • These kids didn’t need to show anything. Common sense is enough to know that these device will bend. They don’t need to vandalize to prove a point. If they were their own devices then that would have been fine.

      • eddie

        I would agree with you but Apple and other people were saying these phones would not bend, and it would only take some massive force to do that so people were being fooled into thinking that was true.

      • No they said it would not bend under normal conditions. They were nowhere near saying it would NEVER EVER bend there is a difference.

      • FlavoredAir

        Nobody is denying that the 6/6+ bends. Consumer Reports released a great, in-depth video about it.

        “Good for them” – nice attitude towards vandalism, because that’s what it’s called when you go somewhere and intentionally damage someone else’s property.

      • Kurt

        iPhone bends quite easily when it’s warm after a good charge/playing a 3D game. Consumer Reports’ findings were flawed because of the cold iphones.

      • DigitalBeach

        I can muster enough force to bend/break any phone on the market… I can also crush soda cans and bend the fenders and hood and roof of my car with minimal effort too. I guess all of those things are pieces of shit too.

  • cmh716

    What a bunch of douchebags. I should start smooshing loaves of bread at the grocery store.. just because I can.

    • DigitalBeach

      It will prove just how awfully baked that bread is.

    • bIg hIlL

      You wouldn’t get far trying to do that in England because nobody would know what the flip you are on about.

  • Craig Underhill

    They just recorded their confession! Really?

  • Telmo E. Julião

    Hope they get caught and get some punches in their faces.

    • Eric

      Actually, I hope they get caught and charged with vandalism.

      • Khalbrae

        This is the reasonable response.

        The one below by iPadCary is not.

      • josephz2va

        They’ll get charged for willful destruction of property amounted to 615.02 British Pound Sterling ($999 USD).

      • … and I hope thier “parents” beat every last penny of it out of them.
        Then they’ll think twice about ever doing something like that ever again.
        Talking does SHIT. Action is needed.

    • *I* hope they:
      1) Get caught
      2) Get punched in the face in jail
      3) Get made into girls in jail

      • Oomu


        did they killed your cat ?

      • Luddite

        “3) Get made into girls in jail”

        Wow…. If I’m reading this right, you are hoping these kids get raped, just because they bent some stores display phones?

        Get A Grip…..

      • If you can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime.
        P.S.: Grip THIS.

      • Really? Is rape a typical response for you when someone vandalizes something?

  • Jennifer

    Idiots! Congrats! You walked into a store & broke a device, (vandalism) I guess your wearing your big boy panties now!! I hope Apple goes after these morons… Yo.

  • Steven Bassett

    Little punk ass kids.

  • Elviento

    At least they showed they are not able to really bend it!

  • Brandon


    Probably not what he will be saying to his parents if they get charged.

  • Bloodymer Zkizzoid

    I want to bend these bloody stupid kids..

  • marshall

    yeah my old flip phone could snap in half if i open too far, but i didnt

  • crawler73

    just plain stupid… bending an iphone deliberately is not the same as an accidental bending… jeez…

  • pack4tra

    What a big cry baby, the iPhone bends get over it!

    • Khalbrae

      But will it blend?

      • fox


  • Guest

    stupid kids, i hope everyone who destroy a phone must pay the money for the destruction ! It’s vandalism and can’t be tolerated I

  • Don

    May be stupid, but they proved a point!
    And can tell your all apple fans!!!!!
    Get a life, get a proper phone (any phone except iphone)

    • Craig Underhill

      Good one, Don. Good one. ;)

    • HanSolo1970

      …and I can tell YOUR grammar sucks.

    • Yes very stupid, the only point they proved is that their parents haven’t brought them up right. The fact you approve of them vandalizing someone else’s property is utterly ridiculous.

    • Frank Grove

      One things for sure, Don cannot afford an iPhone!

      • fox

        That is like saying …. Haha you can’t afford to buy this overpriced piece of shit but i can …

    • Guest

      A proper phone is one that works great right out of the box.
      Not the second-grade stuff that you have to tinker with to even get a mediocre experience.

  • Dozy little buggers.

  • Mattmaybe

    Hmmmm what I like most about this video is that they give the police everything they need to arrest, prove the offence of criminal damage, and then prosecute them. If they are lucky and they get an officer that goes easy they will only have to pay for the iPhone’s they have damaged. Oh also I am pretty sure there will also be some kind of civil action against them from apple. Apart from that I can draw nothing useful from this video other than if you really use brute force on the iPhone you can bend it.

  • enrique

    If you, as “cult of mac” administrators are not “OK” with people bending iPhones in stores, just delete this post from your web…and don’t motivate people…they are stupid and they are damaging apple property …

  • Lol these kids are retarded! There is no doubt an Aluminum phone will bend but it’s under more than just basic conditions it will bend and stay bent! What they did isn’t under normal conditions obviously they basically destroyed or vandalized the product which they should be help responsible for!

  • roger

    The 6+ bent like taffy. Makes stories about them bending in pockets entirely believable.

    • DigitalBeach

      “bent like taffy” Yeah… no.

      • roger

        Look at the video.

      • DigitalBeach

        Watch a video of taffy being made… looks nothing like the video above.

      • roger

        Not being made. After it’s cooled down and sliced into pieces. It gets softer with heat just like the 6+.

      • DigitalBeach

        It didn’t “bend like taffy”. Your analogy is overblown not accurate.

      • Oomu

        if you heat your iphone, it will melt ! The Horror, the MELTGATE !

    • crateish


    • Oomu

      Taffy are flexible as aluminum ? it’s too much effort for a candy…

  • roger

    Props to these kids. Can easily imagine the young Jobs and Wozniak going into a store with a video camera and exposing the bullshit of the 6+ marketing and how it’s a ripoff.

  • Joker

    You guys have to realize that the phone ok sure is bendable but so little, if anything it just helps the phone not breaking, rather it would get bent. and from all the force you guys use your “investigation” is invalid. sure it bent, but it took a long time to do so.. for guys like you, i mean you DO not have any muscles,…. so therefore you cant really bend it.. People have to start thinking more “ok sure it bends.. but wtf does it do bad for my phone?” also, people should stop complaining and start accepting the things in life, you guys are stupid enough to buy an iphone6 anyways… whenever iphone 4 wasnt good enough for people just shows how stupid they are. seriously, people, you don’t know how to accept, you always need more, you need the best, but the best isnt always the best, humanity, you disgust me.

  • Lee Stewart

    These people should be arrested for damaging Apple products which are the property of Apple. It’s the equivalent of me going into a clothing store and tearing apart clothes without worry of being punished.

    • roger

      You sound like an old man.

      • Lee Stewart

        What I say is true, you wouldn’t go into a store with the intention of damaging stock would you? And even though it is completely none of your business, I am old, I’m 30 and it seems I have old fashioned values because I appreciate people’s valuables. How about I come into your home and bend your phone? You wouldn’t like it, would you?

      • roger

        No I wouldn’t. But the issue is not crime and punishment but that the iphone bends.

      • Lee Stewart

        Yes, I know that but if you walk into an Apple store, you don’t walk up to the nearest iPhone and bend it, do you? That’s damaging with intent and you should be made to pay for the damage to said phone. If you buy an iPhone from the Apple Store and bend it to your heart’s content, then that’s whole different kettle of fish.

      • roger

        I agree with what you say and it feels good to set the whippersnappers right, but that’s beside the point.

      • Lee Stewart

        Your point is justified but I also have a point that damaging perfectly in tact iPhones in the store is intent of damaging stock and to me, in my opinion, they should pay for damaging it. Enough said. The end.

      • That makes no sense, just about everyone knows they bend. But so does EVERYTHING else, it either bends, rips, or breaks. This is no different then going to a store an electronics store and breaking big screen t.v., bending silverware another store or ripping clothes at a clothing store. There are plenty more examples but you should get the point already.

      • Jeff Majors

        it’s like saying I am gonna rob your house because I can prove that your house is not secure enough. Get real.

      • lee

        no its called having respect – let come to your house and break and damage items and see how you feel

  • jrock

    Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 ‘Gapgate’ Lmao

  • PhilT

    Like anything as the saying goes of something you don’t own……. You bend it you buy it
    Personally I think the police should be brought in as what else do they get up to with property that isn’t theirs. I’m sure as hell that they would try to do it to their Xbox or ps.

  • OreoMuncher

    On behalf of the rest of the UK , I can assure you we aren’t all like this.

  • Katherine

    It clearly shows that iPhone 6 plus do not stand up to the mark in durability test. Well, I have Galaxy S5 and my father have iPhone 5S. I even use Galaxy Note 3. To keep all these devices fully charged I recently purchased a USB Wall Charger from Amazon
    that can charge up to 6 Android as well as iOS based Smartphones with capacity of 10Amps and Power of 50W.

    • crateish

      Speaking of trolls…

  • crateish

    Arrest the little trolls. Make their parents pay.

  • Rodel Fulgencio

    The issue is not the device, it’s the stupidity of people bending it… It’s obviously thin so it’s prone to bending but doesn’t mean you go ahead and bend it… Damn people are stupid nowadays…

  • Joe

    Shockingly stupid stunt.

  • Ilja Shebalin

    That slim girl wearing sandals (from 2:40 on the video) which shows her face is beautiful. Who could get me her phone no. ? Thanks :)

    OK, just kidding. Really the only thing that took my attention.

  • ROFL don’t tempt me! ;)

  • Andrew

    The headline of this article shows that the media is part of the problem here. Not “2 teens bend iPhones”, but making it sound like, through choice of words, that if I go down to my local Apple Store I will see dozens of people straining to bust the phones in half. Though the headline is technically true “people” being 2 teens, and “Apple Stores” meaning 1 APPLE STORE IN THE UK, just like “bendgate” was 9 (multiplied by some number of people who didn’t report their problem, though I can’t imagine not screaming to Apple if my phone bent) phones and a few pics online. This is getting even more ridiculous than the purple haze with the 5s.

  • Keith

    So we’re supposed to be concerned about the bad boys, according to this fine piece of investigative journalism. But pay no attention to the bendable phone, God no. What these kids did with their hands I could easily imagine someone’s rear end doing if they sit on the phone in their back pocket. Nope, no story here…

  • Mike Sauer


    “Omg, my phone isn’t indestructible”

    “It doesn’t seem to be bending”

    See, you have to put a hefty amount of pressure on that phone to bend it just a little bit. I still don’t understand how these people did this in their pockets…they had to have sat on them and put some decent weight on them.

    The phone doesn’t need to be fixed because YOU exerted force to break your phone. That’s like me picking a key off my keyboard and saying “Apple you need to fix this”

    I’m still trying to figure out how they weren’t caught…I always have someone like right there asking me if I have any questions.

  • Erin Griffiths

    good on them definitely. horrible company, and stupid people for laying ridiculous money into poorly made, ethicly wrong products.

    • PhilT

      Ethically wrong? Made in the same factories as Samsung, gosh!

    • So everything from china is ethically wrong?

  • I went to my local BMW dealer and kicked in all the quarter panels on every 3, 5, and 7 series sedans.

  • PeterDean

    Killian I can’t believe you still have a job at Cult. Your writing sucks!
    Anyone can break anything if you force it. I could break your hand if I forced it to break!

    Look at the Consumer Reports latest issue as it doesn’t bash the iPhones.

    Go back to writing for COA and stay the heck off COM.

  • Alexander F

    So who wants to forward this to Apple PR?

  • CelestialTerrestrial

    Now kids are going to go into other stores and try to purposely screwup all smartphones. Well, that’ll give them a reason to charge you for the phone you broke in the store. Haven’t these idiots ever hear of “You break it, you pay for it”? when kids go into retail stores? Jeez.

  • Scot

    Sterilize those two. Dumb minges strait away before they procreate.

  • Eli Medina

    The real problem is how a weak kid could bend the iPhone in no time or much effort, I lift and have sat on my LG g3 a couple times accidentally, imagine if I do that on an iPhone 6. Which CR deems even weaker than 6 plus. Plus is true, CR only bent on front face, not back! What the hell is that all about?

  • RawBeard

    sad immature assholes. I hope if they are caught they are forced to pay for the entire handset.

  • Jamie Lee St Amand

    This is why they make phone cases

  • Simon

    This is why we need to bring the word ‘Spastic’ back into general use.

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    This is stupid.
    Smart phones aren’t indestructible.

    I really, really hope they have to pay for this. You cannot damage someone else property; it isn’t right.

  • Mitchell Saunders

    “We had to quickly put the screen back and if we got caught.. blah blah”… Yeah you just uploaded this YouTube video, good luck with not getting caught

  • RaptorOO7

    Just about anything man made will bend given enough force and since you are NOT supposed to flex your phone to begin with you really shouldn’t have this problem. Of course if you are concerned like I am just order a case and don’t worry about it.

    As for these little tools in the UK who did the damage to the phones, clearly at the lower end of the IQ food chain since they posted themselves doing the damage and I am sure Apple will be on the lookout not to mention their store security cameras likely caught them as well. I hope they get sued, their parents will be paying of course but still its the principle of it all. Stiff upper lip and all that.

  • JJ

    Yup. Was at the Apple store yesterday and I did see a bent iPhone6 plus. I brought it up to the staff and they took the unit off the display. The extent of what android fanboys would do. It’s crazy.

  • Todd James S

    Apple should take legal action and I hope they have to pay for it. Kids like this have no decency and should be shown a few lessons

  • Wally

    I think we can all agree that any car, even the most expensive ones will be damaged when involved in a crash, intentional or otherwise. I have yet to hear of anyone going into a car dealership and taking a car out for a test drive and crashing it just to see how well the car holds up. If I were a judge I would sentence these intentional phone benders to being crash test dummies. Of course there should be multiple tests at various speeds and well documented for YouTube. The dummies should be inspected after each test to determine if there are any signs of stress.

  • Hoek

    Little shits, but i guess that just squashed all those articles that say you have to be a body builder to bend the iPhone. Makes me wonder if Apple or someone else is paying those media outlets to say those things. Also the worker there saying its an online rumor wtf, i guess thats what they are being told to say.

  • fox

    Heres the thing …. Sue them when they proved it wasnt just a online rumor? Or pretend those kids never bent your iphone6. Either way Iphone gonna admit it if they sue these dumb kids …. Headlines Iphone store sue kids for bending iphone. Lol they will admit it aint a rumor.

  • Hodgybeats

    But according to mac and consumer reports this is impossible and all videos showing it happening are fake right ? So these kids can just say they “faked” the video and apple claims no phones have ever been bent this way so how can you claim they damaged property? It’s impossible right? Unless your some mega giant body builder tried… good job apple…

  • #@$@#$%@#$%#$% kids these days…

  • Brandon Franklin

    Not sure what asking a genius will do when they tell u its just a rumor. The only crime they really commited was not purchasing a device after the test. How else could u test the claims without wrecking you new $700+ device? Apple isn’t taking any responsibility. And to top it off the moto X is built like a brick shithouse so it is possible to build a non bendable(by human strength) chassis. I love apple but some of the concerns and criticisms since Steve’s passing have kind of been justified with this release. I’m not saying their doomed but hopefully cookie has the balls to bust some balls and stop making compromises pronto!

    On a good note (no pun) my i5 has almost doubled its battery life since the new update (streamed Pandora over LTE and BT for 8 hours and had 69% batt, before the update it would be dead in 4 hours) and I haven’t had any of the BT or network issues

  • Grazegeek

    This bending of phones is getting really stupid. Seriously, every single year, when Apple releases new iPhones, people seem to have their IQ decreased by at least 15 percent! The madness that is revolving a simple phone is beyond my comprehension. How can people be this stupid?

    Is it that hard to understand that if you apply pressure/bending acceleration to anything, it will bend? Apply pressure on your car bonnet and it will bend, just about anything made of metal bends, because metals are malleable! The iPhone 6 is no exception: There you can about every other phone getting bent.

  • This is transparently a viral propaganda video created by an agency employed by Apple, in which the fake vandals do their best to make it look like the phone is harder to bend than it is.

  • Odin Næss

    If i worked at that apple store, i would have run after those kids and draged them back to the store, and made them pay twice the price for each phone.

  • Guestf

    Ha! the iPhone 6 could not resist the force exerted by two scared little boys. So much for Consumer reports much vaunted “three point” test. maybe they should hire those boys as testers as that machine was obviously a waste of money.

  • Guestf

    Bu, but, I thought bending an iphone was impossible? =(

  • donmotobike

    Maybe buying a case will prevent you from bending your iPhone 6 plus…..if you happen to be one of those who insist putting iPhone 6 plus in your pocket…you spent $299 – if you’re too cheap to buy a case for it then so be it…

  • pav

    Hurrah to the vigilantes. These kids are heroes. They deserve to go to the jail sure, but they sure as hell deserve to get bailed out!

  • Nigglet FUCKER

    Damn it 4chan!