Have internet access on the go with The Karma Go 4G LTE Hotspot [Deals]


CoM_Karma Go

Having access to the internet is just about as necessary to us these days as eating and breathing fresh air. When we are away from home, we rely on our mobile data plans and, for our mobile computers, wi-fi to stay connected. Sometimes, though, finding a suitable wi-fi connection can be difficult and inconvenient.

Meet The Karma Go 4G LTE Hotspot. This little marvel allows you to take the internet with you where ever you go for one low price, so you’ll never have to go looking for a connection ever again.

The Karma Go 4G LTE Hotspot is the internet connectivity solution we’ve all been waiting for. No longer do we have to run down the street to the coffee shop to get access on our laptops. The Karma Go will get you online on any device with no contracts or subscriptions.

Here are the features you will get with The Karma Go:

  • Share, Earn, Repeat: Share your Karma connection with someone new and get 100MB FREE, every time. You’ll never pay for someone else’s data. You’ll each pick up your own tab. Now thats good karma!
  • Data, On Your Terms: Pay-as-you-go for data. $14/GB. No contracts. No subscriptions. No hidden fees. No tricks.
  • Connect x8: Simultaneously connect up to 8 devices at once.
  • Ultra-Fast 4G LTE: Delivers speeds up to 12Mbps.
  • Lightweight & Compact: At 2.6” wide, 2.6” high, 0.5” deep, and weighing in at 2.1 oz, Karma fits right into your pocket and is small enough to take with you everywhere you go.

Note that this is a pre-order. The Karma Go will begin shipping in December 2014. Click here to see full details including the terms and conditions of this deal.

Take the internet with you and never be without a connection again. Pre-order The Karma Go 4G LTE Hotspot for only $99 at Cult of Mac Deals today.

Bonus: The Mobile Cloth Z5 Pack

Touch screens are awesome, but the finger prints and smudges that commonly show up through normal usage are an annoyance. Get rid of distracting finger prints and up to 98% of germs with The Mobile Cloth Z5 Pack.

The Mobile Cloth Z5 Pack is simply the best way to keep your touch screen clean and clear as the day you bought it. It can be used damp or dry, is washable and durable, and removes germs from your device without using any chemicals.

Get The Mobile Cloth Z5 Pack, which includes 5 cloths, for $11.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.