Witness the evolution of iPhone in one hypnotizing GIF


How the iPhone has evolved over the years.
How the iPhone has evolved over the years.
Photo: Gadgetlove

You could read about the evolution of the iPhone in one of our features, looks at a spec chart, or learn about it an infographic, But none of those is nearly as fun as seeing the original iPhone morph into the iPhone 6 in one GIF.

The folks at GadgetLove have made another great evolution GIF that shows the subtle design changes Apple’s made to the iPhone over the last seven years, with shrinking bezels, thinner form factors, moving buttons and more.

Before you toss away your worthless iPhone 5s, take 3 seconds to appreciate the road to the iPhone 6, and try not to get hypnotized by Jony Ive’s changes.

Source: GadgetLove