Watch this clumsy Australian drop one of the first iPhone 6 units in the world



iPhone 6 lines have gotten absolutely nuts in the build up for tomorrow launch, but people in Australia are already heading home with the very first iPhone 6 units, but the first person to buy one in Perth almost had to go back in for another.

Moments after a young boy named Jack Cooksey left the Perth Apple Store with one of the first iPhone 6 unit’s ever sold in the world, he was swarmed by local news aiming to get the first look of the bigger than big display in his hands. Struggling to release his prize from its pristine white tomb, Jack’s excitement shook the box open as cameras watched the iPhone 6 slip out and slam onto the concrete.

Here’s the full clip from Perth News Today:

Hope he bought Apple Care+.

Thanks: Sameer

  • Paulo

    First ever drop test video

  • Jim

    Anyone know what the logic was with making the box plain white with no picture of the phone on it? Kinda cuts out their (and their vendors’) ability to display it in-store, no?

  • Hildebrand

    The phone drops more easily from the box because of the rounded sides of the device. This would not have happens with the previous iPhone design. It’s a packaging design failure by Apple. They should give the guy a new iPhone.

    • tonyadams66

      I don’t think they should give. Because its the guy’s fault who didn’t handle it carefully.

      • Billy Bingham

        But they should give him a new phone anyway, just because it’s the right thing to do in this unique situation of dropping a phone on national TV.

      • Not Debating — Informing

        Don’t confuse “right” with “nice.”

        Giving him a new phone would be a nice (and expensive) gesture, but Apple has no moral obligation to do so.

        If anyone should give the kid a new phone, it’s the television news program which got him to nervously open it while standing next to a reporter. He had his car keys in his hand in the video. Had they not ambushed him, he’d have probably gotten into the car and opened the box without incident.

      • Shaun Lomax

        Apple has no morals period you mean.

      • Not Debating — Informing

        No, I mean that they don’t have a moral obligation to replace the phone. Given Apple’s charitable giving, I have to assume that you’re just a bitter little person. Apple donated a total of $50 million to Stanford’s hospitals. They give a portion of the sales of all of their (PRODUCT)RED merchandise to help fight AIDS in Africa, and have donated over $70 million to that effort already.

      • Jon Hayes

        You must be a nightmare to be around the fact you felt the need to make that comment? Are you steve jobs from the grave by any chance? If not then you’re a real sad person. Obviously the person was not confusing the words right and nice. It was just a figure of speech more than anything. It ‘feels’ the ‘right’ thing to them. Saddo.

      • Not Debating — Informing

        I would be your worst nightmare if you ever took that tone with me in person.

        My comment got up-voted ten times as of the time I write this, so there are obviously some people who consider the difference between “right” and “nice” to be significant.

        You made your defense of sloppy English. Now go away.

      • Kim

        You got upvoted because people can live with a few statements like this, but you obviously live to be a little pissrat, glad for you that internet isn’t reading more then 5 lines and im even more glad for the internet that “we” doesn’t have to be near you. Finally im concerned about the people in your life. And btw, add “my opinion” after “Informing” in your “name”.

      • Not Debating — Informing

        You wrote: “You got upvoted because…”

        I got up-voted because my post was intelligent and insightful.

        You wrote: “…you obviously live to be a little pissrat…”

        Unlike you, I am not some bitter little child. I’m a 53 year old man who actually has things of value to add to conversations.

        You wrote: “And btw, add “my opinion” after “Informing” in your “name”.”

        Opinions are what people like you (unsuccessfully) try to substitute for knowledge.

        You wrote: “..glad for you that internet isn’t reading..”

        “The Internet” (note capitalization and use of “the”) does not read anything. It’s a computer network.

        You wrote: “…more then 5 lines…”

        “Then” and “than” are not interchangeable.

        You wrote: …”and im even more glad for the internet that “we” doesn’t have to be near you.”

        It’s ‘we don’t,’ not ‘we doesn’t’. “I’m” is not spelled “im.” Your writing looks like something one would expect from a grade school student in a remedial English class.

        The main reason you don’t want to be near me is that you’re a keyboard commando, writing sh*t online that you lack the courage to say to someone’s face.

      • name

        Intelligent and insightful? Are all apple hipsters like this guy? dude, you have your head so up your ass I can’t even believe you can read the other comments. I hope apple starts selling ‘lifes’, because this guy clearly need one.

    • Not Debating — Informing

      You wrote: “The phone drops more easily from the box because of the rounded sides of the device.”

      Wrong. Look at the white thing on the ground next to the phone. It’s what cradles the phone sits in inside the box. If the phone slipped out because of its rounded sides, that would still be in the box, wouldn’t it?

    • Kr00

      Jack tweeted that his new iPhone is just fine. iPhone 6 survives first drop test.

  • Art

    Look at that white box, that just plain white box and its so weird that white box will get the black one.

  • Alex Cawthorne

    Sooo fake – what a load of BS..just another cynical ploy by Apple through the media to hype their over-prices, child-produced products

    • I beg you to shut up. What does Apple have to do with this?

      • Alex Cawthorne

        Let me think….ummmm…everything as it’s their product???? I knew Apple sheep were dumb but they never cease to amaze me…

      • You better not “think” again, for the love of humanity.
        Plus, giving your replies a thumps up is dumb, Mr. Thinker.

      • Alex Cawthorne

        Yet you’re the one trolling comments? As I say …sheep can’t be taught intelligence.

      • And dogs keep on barking! ;)

      • Alex Cawthorne

        Indeed they do to teach sheep. If you want to buy products made by children and marketed by cynical globalists who deliberately cut supply to create demand for the “fashionable” people by my guest. I’ll leave you to it…

      • Jon Hayes


    • Tintan

      No, not fake. It made major news in Australia. Several of my friends got theirs today and this was also on our local news in Queensland. Just a genuine mistake by a nervous young man.

      • Alex Cawthorne

        Fake as they come…

      • site7000

        If it was fake, it obviously would be Samsung, not Apple, paying someone to drop a new iPhone onto the pavement hoping to shatter the screen.

        But seriously, the only thing fake is you.

    • Alex Cawthorne

      Hahaha people below are just unable to work out Apple stages things like this for publicity. Still…what can you expect from sheep?

  • Adam

    The same thing (well, without TV cameras) nearly happened to me when I bought my 4S a few years ago. The suction when opening the box lid very nearly made me drop the phone onto the hard stone floor of the Apple Store. It really does seem like there is a flaw in the box design. Of course, now that I know this, I am much more careful when opening them.

  • chad

    Oooooooh my stomach….

  • ViJhav

    Lets hope he bought AppleCare+

  • Jon Hayes

    Poor guy. That was a genuine mistake. What is sad is all those people queing up just so they can be ‘first,’ just so they can brag and show off to their friends.

  • Shane

    failure of the packaging design, the phone shouldn’t fall out like that

  • name

    tecnology is becoming smarter, but people is still retarded as fuck