iPhone 6 triggers surge of Samsung trade-ins



Tim Cook prophesied that the iPhone 6 would trigger and avalanche of upgrades, but what he may not have expected was the unfathomable amount of Android users who are trading in their Samsung phones to get a grip on Apple’s large screen beauty.

Samsung phone trade-ins have tripled in the last week alone on Gazelle, reports Bloomberg, and the stream of used Galaxies isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon, as nearly a third of Android users say they’re ready to switch allegiances.

Samsung’s grip on the global smartphone market has been slipping in 2014 thanks to lower than expected sales for the Galaxy S5, and newcomers Xiami and OnePlus offering strong challenges in Asia. Now that Apple’s introducing big and bigger screens on the iPhone 6, the Android giant is facing an absolute nightmare.

Over 25% of all iPhone 6 buyers are new to the Apple ecosystem, says analyst firm RBC. The iPhone 6’s bigger display was cited by 39% of Android users as the number one reason they want to upgrade to the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, and Gazelle’s CEO Chris Sullivan doesn’t see that trend changing soon.

“We’re seeing a higher propensity to switch,” Sullivan said. “The combination of the screen size and the functionality” indicates that this is going to be a strong and compelling product for Android users to switch.”

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus hit stores on September 19th and massive lines have already begun to form at Apple Stores across the world. Pre-order shipping times have already slipped past 3-4 weeks on the 6 Plus and 7-10 days on the iPhone 6, so if you’re wanting to make the switch from Android this weekend, you better go get in line.