iPhone 6 triggers surge of Samsung trade-ins



Tim Cook prophesied that the iPhone 6 would trigger and avalanche of upgrades, but what he may not have expected was the unfathomable amount of Android users who are trading in their Samsung phones to get a grip on Apple’s large screen beauty.

Samsung phone trade-ins have tripled in the last week alone on Gazelle, reports Bloomberg, and the stream of used Galaxies isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon, as nearly a third of Android users say they’re ready to switch allegiances.

Samsung’s grip on the global smartphone market has been slipping in 2014 thanks to lower than expected sales for the Galaxy S5, and newcomers Xiami and OnePlus offering strong challenges in Asia. Now that Apple’s introducing big and bigger screens on the iPhone 6, the Android giant is facing an absolute nightmare.

Over 25% of all iPhone 6 buyers are new to the Apple ecosystem, says analyst firm RBC. The iPhone 6’s bigger display was cited by 39% of Android users as the number one reason they want to upgrade to the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, and Gazelle’s CEO Chris Sullivan doesn’t see that trend changing soon.

“We’re seeing a higher propensity to switch,” Sullivan said. “The combination of the screen size and the functionality” indicates that this is going to be a strong and compelling product for Android users to switch.”

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus hit stores on September 19th and massive lines have already begun to form at Apple Stores across the world. Pre-order shipping times have already slipped past 3-4 weeks on the 6 Plus and 7-10 days on the iPhone 6, so if you’re wanting to make the switch from Android this weekend, you better go get in line.

  • Arnold Ziffel

    The people who work at our local AT&T store are going to really reach now to convince novice smartphone buyers to purchase worthless, POS Samsung phones.

    • Michael Superczynski

      I don’t know why (perhaps I’m nuts), but when I read your comment I read “The poople who work….”.
      Probably not far off though.

    • josephz2va

      They kind of already do. One wished they could use their iPhone versus Samsung Galaxy S5 which is required when they helped me preorder the i6.

  • Yaagul Eldon Davis

    I alredy pre order mine last Monday iphone 6plus yey!

  • fizdog

    I never would switch my Note 3 for a iPhone. I already lost my interest when I had the iPhone 3g. Couldn’t even record video and to do so I needed to get a 3gs my POS windows mobile phone at that time could even do that but I guess that’s apples way of getting sheeple to buy their phones

    • clanggedin

      Odd. I was able to record video with my 3g and I did not have the 3gs. I even livestreamed using Qik using the 3g.

      I liken phones to watches. Some people want their watch to have a compass, altimeter, go 300′ deep underwater and others want their watches to just tell time and look nice. It’s all about personal preference, not about who came to market with an idea first.

      • fizdog

        Really? Because far as I recall the stock camera app couldn’t.

      • DigitalBeach

        If you don’t give a shit about the iPhone… Quit reading articles about iPhones and especially stop commenting on them.

      • fizdog

        I’ll do what I want. If I wanna read and comment I will ;)

      • DigitalBeach

        That’s the spirit

      • fizdog

        Thx dickhead

      • At least get your facts straight. While Note 3 is an excellent device (I also own one) it’s not an iPhone. My 5s is my personal and Note my business. Comparing a 3g(s) to a Note 3 …did you own Note 1? I did, and it was a POS. They got the ‘3’ right but it’s still got LONG way to go to reach the standards of Apple’s build quality, lack of a ‘real 64GB’ version ‘in the wild’ and the Play Store is just that. For playing. The App Store on the other hand, filled to the brim with whatever it is your interests. I’m a pilot and it’s changed my career. The iPad mini is now my kneeboard and manuals, charts and plates, fuel and flight planner with in flight terrain TCAS & ADS-b. None of these programs are available on Android. A whole lotta other Hobbes, interests, media manipulation and tools for real world use makes the difference. Unfortunately for samsung and the like I don’t see any of these folks switching to iOS having the least bit interest returning to Android once they’ve locked in.
        As an ambidextrous user since day one. Apple has a HELLUVA trump card this time around. My order today through AT&T shows a date of 11/3-11/29 lol. I’m in No hurry but damn!mtwo months! And I’ve got a large business with forty lines and iPads. Just two iphone 6+’s and I’m done waiting in line :)

      • fizdog

        No where am I comparing a note 3 note a 3g..i said I had a 3g and couldn’t do something simple. It was dumb and I lost interest but hey I guess that’s how apple markets their phones. Put new crap on new phones. Give upgrade to old phones but keep out the cooler crap lol

      • Arthur D

        Lol these android fanboys trying really hard to convince happy iPhone users

      • Christopher Jara

        I’m a very happy apple user. I tried an Android phone with a quad core processor, 1Gb of ram. Android jelly bean 4,2. The manufacturer which was BLU never supported kit kat. Switched back to iPhone right a way. Not to mention that the device was Laggy as shit

      • Christopher Jara

        Obviously the stock app did not record video. There was an app for that from Cydia.

    • Adrayven

      Technology bigotry is amazing to see and alive and well it seems. Revisionist history too.. amazing.

      Use what you like and works for you, stupid to generalize and call people names over a smartphone.

    • Spdz Limitz

      Why agin are you on this group? Lol get a life it’s just a phone!! Get the one that suits you and get off this group if you just wanna waste your time and bash a phone you don’t like and don’t use lol

      • fizdog

        I’ll do what I want. IPhone sucks @ss. Worst pile of donkey poo ever! My android runs circle around you wall huggers

      • Spdz Limitz

        You know I actually believe that android is better but I prefer iPhones it’s my money and my choice lol like I always wonder if apple makes such crappy and outdated products why does it get the most reactions from android users? Lol

      • fizdog

        We are here to let you know. Wifi nfc and whatever else apple now has is far from “new” and all the shitty sheeple who blog about it should stop calling it

      • Christopher Jara

        Yeah but the reason why Apple takes so long to release these technologies. Is due to they make it different and far better than competition. Touché.

      • Christopher Jara

        Amen to that.

    • Christopher Jara

      Your argument is pointless. Apple introduced video recording since iPhone 3GS. And we are taking about iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. The apple A8 processor will eat your Note 3 Snapdragon Processor. Don’t tell me it has more cores. Because it’s proven that A8 with just 2 cores smashes the best Qualcomm snapdragon 805. Twice as fast processing instructions. Better graphic performance. iPhone 6 has less mega pixels than note 3 but megapixels doesn’t have to do anything. iPhone 6 camera is way better. But I don’t expect you to understand this either because you hate Apple or you don’t know shit about technology.

      • Jameson

        Not going to lie, I would love some extra megapixels on my iPhone. But man the camera on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is nice!

      • fizdog

        Lol! You missed my point. I tried the iPhone and couldn’t do something a simple flip phone could do and if it was allowed in the update but it wasn’t. . I wasn’t impressed. Otherwise I’d probably still have an iPhone. That’s all bye sheep

  • Brandon Franklin

    My guess is Apple watch is driving ‘switchers’ and new users since the watch is more exciting than the less than perfect iPhones. I’ll give Apple the benefit of the doubt since its their first big screen phone and they obviously put a lot of focus on the AW. A little off topic but where’s my middle finger emoticon Apple? In fact where are any of the new ones?

  • JimGramze

    I’m a long-time Apple user, so don’t get me wrong when I question whether 1/3 of all Android users are switching to the new iPhones. I think a third of just large Android phone users would be quite a stretch.

  • Zorn85

    You mean people are jumping at the chance to get rid of a cheap plastic phone with junk software that they only put up with because they really wanted a large screen? No way!

    • fizdog

      You mean people actually have no clue what they are doing? I bet the ones leaving know squat about phones

      • Kr00

        Why are you so upset about Apple selling a new phone? Not happy with your life or something? You need to get over whatever it is you’re angry about. The world is live and let live so why judge people on their choice of phone? Unless pure being paid to troll Apple blogs, then that would make sense. Samscum do this all the time.

    • Aadil Desai

      haha, most of the people here jumping up and down in excitement over the larger screen iphone, were probably the same people criticizing the large screens when the iphone 5 came out. Apple has got you all by the ballz :). I would love to know how they managed consumer perception soooo well. Apple is great at getting fantastic products out there but even better at marketing and driving brand insistence.

  • Bob Level

    I’m so glad Apple released the i6Plus alongside the i6. Was dreading having to switch to a Note 4 just to have the larger screen. Come on Friday!

    • JAG

      Note 4 is the best phone in the world. Absolutely destroys the iPhone 6 plus. What is the purpose of the larger screen on the 6 plus? Larger rows of icons? Innovative! Dual core 1.4 ghz, 1 gb, 1080p , 8mp camera? in 2014? Not a chance.

      • Kr00

        Unless you’re being paid to make these comments, how the hell would you know? The phone hasn’t even been tested in the wild yet.

  • Guest

    I have a Macbook Pro but this is pure propaganda. What is really happening (if its happening at all) is IOS users who left Apple when they got tired of waiting for Apple to have a larger screen will now go back because they prefer the featureless simplicity of IOS. No android user that has a clue about technology is switching sides and they won’t because Android is so far ahead of IOS its just not realistic, especially for a phone with 2012 technology.

    Funniest line from the story above: “The iPhone 6’s bigger display was cited by 39% of Android users as the number one reason they want to upgrade to the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, and Gazelle’s CEO Chris Sullivan doesn’t see that trend changing soon” uhmm. There are better and larger screens already on Android phones for 3 years. stupid

  • Kenton

    The only reason that Android exists is to track what you do. If you think Android exists for any other reason than this you are wrong. Google only gets involved in markets where they can harvest user data.

    Apple, on the other hand, tries to create the best possible user experience, thats what they have always done and thats where they make their money. Whether you think they’ve achieved this or not is irrelevant.

    I have a feeling most of these Android users won’t be returning, especially if they end up buying a Mac and get a feel for what a cohesive ecosystem is like.

  • jbelkin

    The only real selling point for android was you could get an android that was sized like a mini mini ipad for a lot less – now that selling point has been taken away, they only selling difference is price is between Apple and with other Android smartphones & with android smartphones are going for $9 USD in China so if you paid more for your Android, you overpaid as the price floor has been set. Obviosuly the iphone costs more because it’s the only 64-bit integrated hardware-software OS, the easiest ecosystem for adding/buying content, world class design and of course, in-store support for life … that’s worthwhile to hundreds of millions of people but certainly, there’s nothing wrong with only spending $9 for a look alike smartphone – whether it’s all they need or can afford for now, it;s your free choice but don;t mistake your choice as the best choice for people willing to spend more.

  • ahbong wat

    The iphone is getting more and more similar to an android phone released 2 years ago, but still not close enough for me to switch. There is nothing on the iphone 6 that i cant already do on almost most android flagships but there are still (a lot of) things the iphone cant do. Apple pay will be nothing except maybe for the US market because we already have a very well developed contactless electronic payment service (that is 15 years old, never run out of battery btw)

    In terms of a premium feel I think only a fraction of the customers care about. That is why over the years I saw almost two thirds of my friends ditching their premium iphones for what you guys described as cheap plastic androids. If I want a premium feel I always have endless options of metal cases and that is the same for iphone users who wrap their premium phones with plastic shells.

    With the pace the iphones are catching up with androids I cant even see that there will be a day when I may buy one. Basically you can predict that maybe the iphone 6s or 6s plus may come with ip67 water resistance or an open NFC for my Sony camera attachment to work, or a IR remote control for my TV or air con, but i am not the one who is waiting anyway, I have been using these for 2 years.

  • junclj

    I am getting to switch back my note 3 to iPhone 6 Plus soon. Android system is just sucks.

  • Lews

    Xiaomi, not xiami :)))

  • Louie Kulla

    WARNING !! Once you go Mac, you would never go back.

  • TRStrunk

    Can you say Low information purchasers? Any one with any smarts would no they are trading down. Must be the same people who still believe that with Obamacare you can keep your insurance and doctors. Period ;)

  • TRStrunk

    Why Galaxy Note 4 Is Better Than The iPhone 6