See how the iPhone 6’s camera tops the 5s in gorgeous Iceland photo shoot



The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus camera sensor didn’t get an increase in megapixels, but it’s still way better than the iPhone 5s.

Need proof? Travel photographer Austin Mann took his iPhone 6 and 6 Plus review units to Iceland, and not only were the landscapes absolutely breathtaking, but his pictures prove that the iPhone 6 has the best camera Apple’s ever made.

Every year, the new iPhone is packed with new features across the board but for us photographers we really just want to know one thing: what does all this mean for my camera and how does it make my pictures better than before?

So the night of the Keynote, in partnership w/ The Verge, I left on a mission to find out exactly that answer and have been comparing the iPhone 5s, 6 & 6 Plus for five days in Iceland!

We’ve run through waterfalls, driven through storms, jumped out of a helicopter, slid down a glacier, and even slept in a cave with an entrance shaped just like Yoda (picture below)… and best of all, the iPhone 5S, 6 and 6 Plus were with us every step of the way.


Mann’s pictures are truly amazing, and he’s documented all his testing of the new camera hardware and software features, like time lapse and slo-mo video at 240 FPS with optical stabilization on the 6 Plus. There’s also a short documentary on the trip. Make sure to check out his website with all the details at the source link below.

Source: Austin Mann