What Apple Watch would look like if top fashion designers made it



Apple Watch’s customization factor is going to be a huge sell to fashion-conscious, but for some would-be Apple Watch wearers wanting to stand out from the herd, Jony Ive’s simplistic design is a little too reserved.

Not satisfied with Apple’s band offerings, the fashion focused crew at High Snobiety has reimagine what the Apple would would look like if some of the most famous fashion brands in the world got a chance to redesign it. Can you match the fashion brand to the luxury Apple Watch concept?

Take a look at the gorgeous mockups below.



Chanel‘s iconic interlocking rings add a wealth of luxury.


Givenchy‘s tried-and-trued robotic print features subtly along the face with a hint of red on the Digital Crown.


Louis Vuitton

apple-watch-fashion-designers-04-960x640 (1)
French fashion house Louis Vuitton‘s traveling heritage comes through via flag prints and a rich leather strap.


Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang keeps things minimal with a touch of gold and a marble print along the band.

Maison Martin Margiela

Maison Martin Margiela applies their avant-garde aesthetic by flipping the traditional dial with the bare essentials.

Can’t wait to get Apple Watch on your wrist? Check out our hands-on and see what using Apple’s first wearable will really be like.


  • frank

    And they all look like shit. Fashion houses making “premium” watches need to be worried.

    • ZyciezApple

      amen to that

  • Michael Superczynski

    They haven’t a clue.

  • Andrew Solomon George Raeymaek

    or these mockups are just shit and have no reality with what ACTUAL fashion labels would really do with a remake. Not to mention fashion / swiss watch makers would not go with the square design face. Just no to this entire article.

  • Ash

    Isn’t this what Apple is potentially courting, even further customization with watch bands and faces created by designers (just like they create cases and wall papers for iPhones and iPads). That’s what would make it even more appealing to women at least.

  • Dan

    Isn’t this the point? Don’t you think there will be a trillion different watch bands just as there are a trillion different phone cases? The point of Apple’s presentation was to sell their bands with their markup (and demonstrate the diversity of the platform…)