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Saudi man demands iPhone 6 as dowry for sister’s marriage


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In the 21st century you can’t sell your sister into slavery, but you can apparently trade her for an iPhone 6.

A Saudi man is demanding a new iPhone 6 as dowry before he will consent to his sister getting married.

The unnamed brother is demanding that his sister’s suitor provide him with an iPhone 6 as soon as its available for sale in Saudi Arabia, reports The Independent. Dowries are a common tradition in Arab countries, and the extravagance of the gifts can range depending on the social status of the families involved.

Apple was finally cleared to directly sell products in Saudi Arabia earlier this year, and the company has stuck a landmark deal with retailer Jarir Bookstore to provide inventory to sale to Saudi customers.

Apple hasn’t said when the iPhone 6 will be available in Saudi Arabia since it’s not part of the initial launch countries that get the device this Friday. The company has said it plans to rollout its new phones faster than ever internationally, so hopefully the couple won’t have to wait much longer to get hitched.

Source: The Independent