33 million people ‘experience’ U2’s free album in a week


Photo: Roberto Baldwin/ The Next Web
Photo: Roberto Baldwin/ The Next Web

Apple had to give users a tool to permanently remove U2’s freebie album from their iTunes account, but according to Eddie Cue the album is a colossal hit and has been ‘experienced’ by 33 million iTunes account holders since its release six days ago.

In a statement released to Mashable, Apple’s Eddie Cue says the number of users who have experienced U2’s Song of Innocence album is record breaking, but failed to elaborate further.

Tim Cook told Charlie Rose that Songs of Innocence took U2 nearly five years to make, but it took less than five seconds for Apple fans to protest the album on social media after Apple forced the album to download on to devices, rather than offering it as an opt-in gift.

Apple’s 33 million figure includes users who downloaded the album, as well as those who just streamed it on iTunes Radio or Beats Music. The album is available as an iTunes exclusive until October 14th as part of a $100 million marketing campaign the coincides with the release of Apple’s biggest iPhones ever.

Via: Billboard