Stephen Colbert goes absolutely crazy for Apple Watch

See Stephen Colbert go absolutely crazy about Apple Watch



Tim Cook and the team at Apple seemed mighty proud of their incredible Apple Watch achievement yesterday, but Cook’s excitement was just a flash in the pan compared to the world’s truthiest Apple fanboy: Dr. Stephen T. Colbert

The late-night news show host was seen catching up on the iPhone 6 keynote when show started last night, but once the Apple revealed the device that’s going to revolutionize the way you look at your wrist, Colbert unleashed an explosive celebration and capped it off by making his boring dumbwatch as obsolete as possible.

Stephen even managed to get an exclusive look at the upcoming WristPad. Check out his hilarious Apple Watch segment below:

The Colbert Report

Apple Watch isn’t scheduled to come out until early 2015, but maybe Apple can sneak Colbert a shinny gold Edition before he moves into David Letterman’s chair.