Hands-on: First impressions of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus


The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are bigger, faster and thinner than ever. Photo: Roberto Baldwin/The Next Web
The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are bigger, faster and thinner than ever. Photo: Roberto Baldwin/The Next Web

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus take everyone’s favorite smartphone to the next level. They are bigger, faster and thinner than their predecessors, with better battery life to boot.

In the videos below, you’ll get Cult of Mac leader Leander Kahney’s first hands-on impressions, straight and unfiltered from the demo room after Apple’s big press event in Cupertino, California.

First up is the 4.7-inch iPhone 6. Along with the larger display, it also features a new A8 chip along with a ton of other updates. See the video above to check it out.

Next up is the “bigger than bigger” iPhone 6 Plus, which comes with an eagerly anticipated 5.5-inch display. It’s nearly as huge as the Galaxy Note 4, but Apple’s cleverly figured out a way for you to use it with only one hand. Watch the video below to see it in action.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are available to pre-order starting Friday, Sept. 12, and will be released Sept. 19.

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  • AKC322

    The fact that one has to double-click the home button (or use two hands) to reach the distant top row of icons is ridiculous. It’s a lovely device, and beautifully executed, but Apple could have made it without making it so damn long and skinny. The 5/5S is the perfect size. Since I can use most of iOS8 on an iPhone 5 I’m going to pass on this cycle.

    • erodz1892

      Just what I was thinking there is really not much to upgrade unless you need a bigger screen I would go for the plus there isn’t enough to justify jumping from the 5s to the 6

    • Just to clarify, you don’t “double-click” since that brings up the multi-tasking menu. You lightly “double-tap” (without pushing the button into the phone) to initiate “one-handed” mode. It’s completely effortless and quick. For a phone that large, I think it’s a great solution to what is most definitely going to be a problem for the user when using the phone with one hand. But the rest of the time (when you are playing games and doing work) you are going to be glad you have the extra screen real estate.

  • tnpnldy

    4.7 is better for me. The Plus is just too big.

  • Andrew

    The Plus in 128GB is $949 off contract. Just think about that for a moment. My brother’s MacBook Air cost less than that after his education discount. What the crap?

    • Adrayven

      You’re paying for the compact technology and the ultra high DPI.. you don’t get that on a macbook air.. Technology has always had a higher price for very compact tech,..

    • You also don’t get all the LTE bands, sensors, and other technology that you get in the iPhone. Also the Macbook Air cannot run iPhone apps. That means you have no access to the amazing apps on the iPhone. You have to come the realization that the definition of “computers” is changing and that an iPhone with this much power is blurring the line between desktop computers and mobile devices. This phone is faster and more optimized than my HP Workstation running Windows 7 at work. There is no reason why it doesn’t deserve to hold that price tag.

  • Adrayven

    I still don’t like the lines… but.. oh well.. I won’t be looking at the back of it most times.. I will be getting the 5.5″ for sure..

  • downtownharold

    can I just say that the audio in the video review portion is so low that I had to struggle to hear it. The beginning of the video is great with all the sound effects…but you can’t hear Leander and that’s an important part!

  • Guest

    So if you double-click the home button to bring the screen down, how do you switch between apps now? Is this is a universal change in iOS 8 or just unique to the new iPhone models? I really hope we don’t start seeing basic commands like these have unique triggers based on the device.

    • It’s a double tap for that feature.

    • acslater017

      I wonder if this signals potentially more tapping and utilization of the TouchID ring. It’s a sensitive input device and practically like adding a second button hiding in plain sight.

  • Nick

    Jesus Christ it’s enormous!

    • Dan-in-IN

      You’re just trying to get someone to say it aren’t you?

  • Cool_kinng

    I would love to buy the iphone with 4.7 inch display.. Coz the 5.5 is a lot bigger. I have an ipad mini for that sort of thing.. :)

  • Marcus Winchester

    I was looking forward to the iPhone 6 Plus before the price was announced. It to me is the real iPhone 6. It has a higher res display, better battery, more screen real estate, awesome landscape mode, optical image stabilisation. The issue to me was that the base unit STILL only has a 16GB internal storage disc, its just too low for a clearly more premium phone over the iPhone 6. The normal iPhone 6 doesn’t interest me at all, its inferior in almost every way to me. I’m hoping that the UK price of the iPhone 6+ is equal to the Note 4 because then I could justify it but if the contract price is the same as current 32GB iPhone 5s’s, I will have to say no and go with the cheaper Note 4.