Low prices on new Mac apps now: Audio mastering, interior design, more! [Deals]



Your Mac is a formidable machine. You can get the most out of it by supplying it with useful Mac apps that simplify your life and open new doors that you didn’t even know existed.

Today we highlight 3 such Mac apps that will transform your life: DSP-Quattro 4, Live Interior 3D Standard Edition, and TextExpander 4. All three are available for a limited time at 50% off their normal retail prices at Cult of Mac Deals.

DSP-Quattro 4: The all-in-one audio mastering program

If you are into doing any kind of audio work on your Mac, such as podcasting or recording music, then you need DSP-Quattro 4.

DSP-Quattro 4 is the all-in-one audio mastering program used by amatuers and professionals alike. Beginners like DSP-Quattro 4 because of its simplicity, professionals like it for the powerful editing tools it offers.

Whether you want to edit a simple podcast or master the next Top 40 hit song, you’ll want your Mac to have DSP-Quattro 4 at its disposal. It’s available for only $49 for a limited time at Cult of Mac Deals.

Live Interior 3D Standard Edition: Design your dream home


If you are an interior designer or a building contractor, Live Interior 3D Standard Edition will be of particular interest to you. Even if you are a home owner who wants to imagine their house with a different configuration, then this software is for you too.

Live Interior 3D Standard Edition is a powerful Mac app that allows you to build the home of your dreams with very little effort. Just start with a 2D layout of your home, and Live Interior 3D Standard Edition will give you a 3D rendering so you can see exactly what your house will look like before you even pick up a hammer.

Arm your Mac with Live Interior 3D Standard Edition for the low price of $14.99 at Cult of Mac Deals for a limited time only.

TextExpander 4: Winner of the 2010 Macworld Editors’ Choice Award


TextExpander 4 is software for your Mac that saves your fingers and your keyboard, by expanding custom keyboard shortcuts into frequently-used text and pictures.

You will save time and effort with the TextExpander app: whether it’s a simple email signature or several paragraphs of a standard response, you’ll love not having to type the same thing over and over.

Get TextExpander 4 right now at 51% off, just $16.99, at Cult of Mac Deals.