Spy drone offers closer look at Apple’s mystery building



Apple’s construction project outside the Flint Center has sprouted up a ton of wild theories. Is it for a secret U2 concert? An iWatch demo area? Or something much more boring?

We tried to get a peak inside the massive white building ourselves, but after getting turned away by security at the gates the mystery remains. Sachin Patel has taken a different approach though and used his drone to spy on Apple’s secret project from the sky.

Here’s a short drone tour of the secret building:

Now that U2 has squashed the rumors that they’ll be performing at the event, what do you think Apple is hiding underneath that big white box? A HomeKit demo area? Post keynote party brought to you by Beats by Dre? Drop your theories in the comments.

  • eris

    Wow, that really shows us something doesn’t it? :)

  • BLFarnsworth

    That (video) was a tour??? That’s like saying you’ve toured the White House but you really just drove past front lawn. :-(

  • AKC322

    Awesome spycraft, dude.

  • james

    The building is probably being used to show off home kit and how it works with the watch and the iPhone 6

  • dwdillard

    It looks like a watch from the top down