Here’s how Apple could make the iPhone 6 unhackable (and unlovable)


Photo: Screen grab from Funny or Die
Photo: Screen grab from Funny or Die

We’re sorry, internet, but this new Funny or Die video has figured out the way to absolutely make the new iPhone 6 completely hack-proof.

No more iCloud, no more internet. The un-hackable iPhone 6, says this short film, is just a phone. And it only calls your parents.

Watch below as the three “interviewees,” playing Apple software designers, get angrier and angrier in their explanation, which comes down to “this is why we can’t have nice things.” Warning – there are a few colorful descriptions of things members of 4chan (the group behind most of the iCloud hacking) might want on their phone, as well. If you’re easily offended, skip the video.

Funny, right? Seriously, a few bad apples (pun intended) ruin it for everyone, what with all this invasion of privacy for no other reason than they can.

We should be able to put whatever we like on the devices we rely on for everything else, of course, and we can do as much as Apple’s system will let us to make sure our iCloud accounts aren’t accessible by other people, but ultimately, this is crime, plain and simple.

Let’s hope Apple doesn’t cripple it’s pretty fantastic iCloud for photos any time soon, though we probably should call our parents more.

Source: Funny or Die