Samsung pushes the envelope as world awaits Apple’s next move



With every waking moment before Apple’s big Sept. 9 reveal, competing tech companies are trying to to steal the spotlight. Samsung, one of Apple’s biggest rivals, revealed its latest creations Wednesday in Berlin. Will two new smartphones, a smartwatch and a virtual reality system be enough to overshadow Apple’s upcoming news?

In today’s video we take a look at Samsung’s latest products and see exactly what the company is cooking up to challenge the iPhone 6 and the iWatch. Check out Samsung’s new Android phone with a curved display (the Galaxy Note Edge), a redesigned phablet (the Galaxy Note 4), a wild virtual-reality phone accessory called the Gear VR and more in this quick roundup.

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  • steven taylor

    the Note 4 is “4.7” just like the new iPhone 6″? who wrote your script?

  • Aannddyy

    Did they really push the envelope? Or, did they think outside of the box? Perhaps they smashed the paradigm or broke new ground. But, I think they merely Jumped the Shark.

  • You may have to redo your vid.. The screen size is 5.7 not 4.7.

  • lucascott

    There is one false bit in the video. Nothing Samsung et al does in the wearable world is going to challenge anything Apple does in the same. Because Samsung’s stuff only works on Android and Apples only on iOS. No one can mix and match them.

    So Samsung is really trying to beat the Moto, Sony etc. Not Apple