8 amazing sci-fi and fantasy novels that would make great Hollywood blockbusters



With franchises like The Hobbit and The Hunger Games continuing to tear it up at the box office, the sci-fi and fantasy genres are booming. But while the movies don’t show any signs of slowing down in terms of their impending arrivals, there are still a veritable ton of classics waiting to be given the big screen treatment.

Check out our gallery for eight of the best.

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  • Henry Bootjack

    I have been waiting anxiously for “The Tomb” and the Repairman Jack series by F Paul Wilson to come to the big screen. I would love to see what an imaginative director could do with Wilson’s words. I wish they’d do it quickly as Bruce Willis would be a great Jack!

  • CyborgOne

    Regarding Discworld: “a movie has so far alluded us” – I don’t think the non-existent movie is making subtle references to us.

    Should be: “eluded”

  • Bangali

    Artemis Fowl!!

  • TheMadTurtle

    Technically, Neuromancer “inspired” the movie Johnny Mnemonic. Not as good as the book, but I didn’t think the movie was bad, either.

  • El Caballero que dice Ni

    There was already a movie about “Brave New World”.

    • lucascott

      actually over the years there have been like 4

  • winstonsmith39

    Brave New World – yes, yes, yes. That would be excellent.

  • DrRx

    Er.. Brave New World was already made into a movie in 1998 and Logan’s Run had a similar plot

    • Luke Dormehl

      It was a TV movie, right? Yeah, a few of the titles of this list had various TV adaptations. I was thinking more along the lines of theatrical releases. Good call on Logan’s Run though: a personal favorite of mine.

  • Ashley Nicole

    Don’t forget the Foundation Trilogy by Issac Asimov!!!

    • Anthony

      Star Wars stole so much content from Foundation that it would be weird to see a Foundation movie now. As soon as they showed Trantor everyone would assume they “stole” the idea from Coruscant.

  • Sebastian

    Fahrenheit 451 is very similar with Equilibrium.

  • eris

    “Eon”, Greg Bear.

  • Bruce

    Roger Zelazny’s Amber series

  • Drefson

    Ringworld by Larry Niven, and it comes with built in sequels.

  • The Dinosaur Four. It would be like the James Cameron version of Jurassic Park.



    • Guillaume

      Fahrenheit 451 was already made into a movie by François Truffaut, I doubt a blockbuster director could top that !

  • lucascott

    i would argue that no most of those would not be blockbusters. Probably not even close. Truth is that most of these books and the ones suggested in the comments would be better as tv material. movies, limited run series or even shorter run multiple season series. A handful of the Discworld titles have already been tv movies. why not keep going. American Gods as a limited run series of 20 or so hours max across 2-3 series is perfect for it. Dragging it at ad nauseum or trying to trim it down to 2-3 hours would just piss off the books fans, which are legion