Pro line sitters are already camping on New York sidewalks for iPhone 6


Photo: Dan Benton
Photo: Dan Benton

We’re still six days away from the official unveiling of the iPhone 6, but a set of professional line-sitters in NYC are already setting up camp in front of the iconic Fifth Avenue Apple Store.

Dan Benton spotted the iPhone 6 line this morning, and while the previous record for waiting camping out for the iPhone was 18 days, this group started 19 days before the iPhone 6 is expected to hit shelves.

Most of the campers are professional line sitters and are just using it to get some free press for new apps and other services, but the true fanboys will probably start filing in any day now. The iPhone 6 is expected to be revealed at an event on September 9th followed by a public release about two weeks after.

  • Grunt_at_the_Point

    Those people can’t can’t have a life.

  • Joe


  • kob


    • You’re just jealous… You don’t have any hobby.

      • JennPB

        hahhaha that’s right!

  • Adrayven

    most likely they are just business people hoping for publicity. Past few years it’s been that way.

    • BusterH

      one of the guys says he’s made $7000 off line sitting

  • snk

    Probably will sell their spot just before release.

  • Wendell Gonçalves

    NO KS!

  • CelestialTerrestrial

    Don’t they have advanced on-line ordering only so they don’t actually sell you an iPhone just because you stood in line for a week or so? I thought that’s what they did last year to prevent people from lining up ahead of time.

  • jim

    they have nothing to do ?????

    • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

      They’re doing it if they’re professional line sitters. Selling their position to the highest bidder could be some serious money and they wouldn’t have to declare anything to the IRS.

  • DigitalBeach

    We live in a time/world where one can be a “professional line-sitter” or neurosurgeon.

  • Linda Lee

    Maybe Apple hired them for the unveiling hype? Cheap viral publicity. Or – if they’re pro-line-sitters… ppl buying the spot have serious money to dumb because in 2-3 years it’s just another non-upgradable iPhone. (I own several to prove it). Regardless, I still LOVE Apple and sleep with my iPhone.

  • all our support to all those line waiters…

  • D¡ckEater

    Lol, dumb publicity hungry minges.